With the help of Profile Cloud, Tele2 is regaining control of data by connecting web behaviour, email and CRM to push personalisation forward

March 18th 2015, Stockholm and London – Innometrics, the customer data specialists, announces that Tele2, one of the fastest growing Telecoms providers in Europe, is using Profile Cloud to personalise customer communications across different channels.

Founded in 1993, Tele2 operates across nine different countries, and is strategically focusing on customer retention. Hampered by disparate customer data silos, Tele2 approached Innometrics to initially test Profile Cloud for website personalisation as a means of improving both email effectiveness and conversion rates across its existing customer base.

Tele2 initially deployed Profile Cloud to join together data from its existing CRM solution and web analytics to create a single, central profile for each customer and web visitor. This data is further enriched in real-time with behavioural data from the Tele2 website including product views, brand preferences and tariffs, before being automatically shared with the Content Management System (CMS). The CMS is able to use the segmented data to automatically display personalised web pages and banners in real-time.

Following the quick success of this initial project, Profile Cloud was then configured to track abandoned baskets and item removal data and correlate it with data tracking completed orders. This profile data is automatically provided to the email platform to enable it to send out timely and personalised communications to customers to encourage return visits and boost conversions.

“Profile Cloud is a great platform for us to build upon – we have seen some great short term wins around web personalisation and abandoned baskets, and we are sure it will generate more wins for us as we increase the complexity of our targeting,” explains Knut Helge Risheim, Online Marketing Manager at Tele2.

Indeed Profile Cloud has allowed Tele2 to increase website traffic to CRM-driven landing pages and has boosted conversion rates for abandoned baskets by 11%.

“Companies are tackling increasing amounts of data held in disparate silos coupled with increasingly demanding customers,” outlines Andy Walker, UK MD at Innometrics. “Profile Cloud allows companies to bring the different sets of data into one place in real-time and more importantly to act on that data using existing communication platforms. By accomplishing this, Profile Cloud is enabling companies such as Tele2 to personalise its communication with their customers.”

Moving forward, Tele2 is looking to use Profile Cloud for further personalisation and cross-channel integration, with SMS and in-app alerts to help customers learn more about their particular mobile device.

About Innometrics

Innometrics, the people behind ‘Profile Cloud’, is in business to change the way online marketing is run.

With offices in Stockholm, London, San Francisco and Mumbai, Innometrics is giving marketers across the globe access to single ‘Profiles’ of all their customers. These profiles pull data from every silo and evolve in real-time, with customer behaviour.

Profile Cloud works with the technology organisations already have; feeding Profiles back to their existing systems to drive insight and power personalised, consistent conversations across all channels, domains and devices.

More information is available at: www.innometrics.com

About Tele2

Tele2 is one of Europe's leading telecom operators. They offer mobile communication services, fixed broadband and telephony, data network services and content services.

Ever since Jan Stenbeck founded the company in 1993, Tele2 has been a tough challenger to former government monopolies and other established providers. Their success is largely the result of a strong challenger mindset – because that’s what they are: challengers. Every day, they confront complacent incumbents, outdated business models and narrow-minded ideas. They are all about embracing change, moving fast, taking initiatives, focusing on results, being straightforward – and celebrating our victories

Tele2’s mission is to always offer their customers what they need for less, and ultimately their vision is to be the champions of customer value in everything they do.

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Published on: 4:09PM on 18th March 2015