31 March, 2015, London – Econsultancy (http://econsultancy.com) has today announced publication of a new buyer’s guide, covering Website Personalisation for the first time.

The guide covers data, trends and vendors of personalisation services, specifically those specialising in website personalisation. The guide contains an analysis of market trends, and tips for marketers who want to invest in website personalisation in order to capitalise on the increased acquisition, retention and conversion rates that often result from personalising the customer experience.

The guide contains profiles of 22 leading vendors of website personalisation technology and services, with a focus on the UK and US markets, and also includes extensive insight from personalisation thought leaders.

Trends covered in this guide include:
• The need for a data layer
• Omnichannel personalisation: beyond the website
• The balance between experience and privacy
• Testing: the cornerstone of personalisation
• One vendor or many?

Econsultancy Senior Research Analyst Amy Rodgers, said: “The demand from consumers to make their online journeys increasingly relevant and personal has resulted in targeting and personalisation having been top digital priorities for marketers for the last 12 months. This has created a marketer demand for personalisation technology, and caused a surge in the number of companies developing and acquiring personalisation technologies.”

Rodgers added: “Though the demand for website personalisation is there, marketers have to first battle through challenges of creating an actionable data layer and consumer privacy concerns. However, many of those overcoming these challenges have seen impressive return on their technology investment.”

Vendors of website personalisation technology vary between those personalising based on anonymous or known data, and across different personalisation techniques. Costs and service plans vary, as do their sector specialisms. This guide directly addresses the buyer’s needs with a look at trends in the website personalisation industry, as well as an assessment of the sector’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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Published on: 4:36PM on 31st March 2015