Available immediately, Sitecore SDK for Xamarin simplifies enterprise-ready native mobile apps

Sitecore, the global leader in customer experience management, today announced the availability of Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin (software development kit). Sitecore, known for its best of breed web and mobile web content management system, now also allows organisations to integrate their native Xamarin applications with Sitecore, enabling customers to manage and analyse the mobile app experience across all popular mobile platforms.

The mobile experience is incredibly important. Consumers’ digital experiences are increasingly mobile-first – and in many parts of the world, mobile-only. Organisations, therefore, must provide the best, most complete customer experience through dedicated native apps. The Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin is the latest Sitecore product enabling brands to create great customer experience for mobile. The Sitecore for Xamarin SDK allows C# developers to build native, cross-platform apps with Xamarin and easily serve Sitecore-managed content, using only a few lines of code. Now, joint customers can deliver high quality mobile experiences, seamlessly delivering relevant content to their users.

Sitecore is partnering with Xamarin, a mobile development solution that gives developers the ability to quickly and easily create native apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows using a single C# code base. Through this partnership, content from the Sitecore Experience Platform can be used natively across multiple mobile platforms.

“Mobile is critical to delivering digital customer experience, and Sitecore is committed to helping our customers fully leverage both the mobile web opportunity and now also mobile apps,” said Darren Guarnaccia, chief strategy officer at Sitecore. “From delivering content to their customers seamlessly on any mobile device, to enabling marketers to manage the customer experience from their own mobile devices, to making it easy for developers to build native mobile applications, mobile is intrinsic to customer experience and Sitecore will continue to push the boundaries.”

Gartner says, “By 2017, U.S. customers' mobile engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenue in the U.S. to 50% of U.S. digital commerce revenue.” * In this mobile landscape, organisations need development tools that can help them rapidly create mobile-driven digital experiences for the most popular phones and tablets.

“With the Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin, mobile developers have even more power to create great user experiences,” says Joseph Hill, co-founder at Xamarin. “Now our nearly one million Xamarin developers can tap into Sitecore's platform to create contextual customer experiences with a few lines of code, without ever leaving C#.”

Key capabilities of the Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin include:

· New Portable Class Library (PCL) client compatible with Microsoft.NET and Xamarin

· Built for the Xamarin platform (Xamarin iOS and Android apps)

· Developers use the same C# code to integrate Sitecore Experience Platform (SXP) into their native iOS, Android and Windows Xamarin apps

· Integrated with the Sitecore Web API


Sitecore Mobile SDK is available on the Sitecore Development Network (SDN) and Xamarin Components store at https://components.xamarin.com/view/Sitecore.Mobile.SDK.

* Gartner, Inc., “Predicts 2015: Digital Marketers Will Monetize Disruptive Forces”, Jennifer S. Beck, Mike McGuire, Adam Sarner, Andrew Frank, Jennifer Polk, Jake Sorofman, November 3, 2014.

Published on: 11:41AM on 16th April 2015