29 April 2015

More organisations have started to take the mobile channel seriously, with 62% of companies planning to increase their related budgets in 2015, according to the latest Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing from Econsultancy and Adobe.

Compared to one year ago, significantly more companies are optimising for mobile in a range of different ways, including employment of a mobile-optimised site (+35%), mobile-friendly email (+15%), responsive (+26%) or adaptive design (+92%) and mobile apps (+40%).

The Quest for Mobile Excellence report, based on a global survey of almost 3,000 digital professionals and produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Adobe, found that almost two-thirds of companies (62%) are planning to increase their mobile investments in 2015 compared to only 3% who are decreasing budgets.

The report, which comes a year after the Finding the Path to Mobile Maturity report was published, has found that around a fifth (19%) of companies now regard themselves as ‘mobile-first’ compared to 13% last year.

The vast majority of respondents (71%) say that the desktop website is their top priority when it comes to providing a consistent customer experience, ahead of mobile site (16%), smartphone applications (10%) and tablet apps (3%).

The research also found that:

• 31% of respondents strongly agree that they know what proportion of their website traffic comes via mobile devices, while 27% know what types of device their customers are using. Only 11% strongly agree that they understand how mobile fits into the customer journey across devices and channels.

• Asked about use cases for mobile apps, 81% of companies say they use them for ‘content’, versus 60% for ‘interaction’ and 13% for ‘gaming’.

• 33% agreed they have budget specifically allocated to experimenting with mobile over the next 12 months, down from 40% last year.

• A third of companies (34%) said they had ‘a defined mobile strategy that goes out at least 12 months’, down from 36% who agreed with this statement last year.

Commenting on the findings of the Quest for Mobile Excellence briefing, Econsultancy Research Director Linus Gregoriadis said: “Companies have increased their efforts around mobile optimisation in line with the increased amount of time spent on mobile. Businesses surveyed for this research indicate that, on average, 31% of their total digital traffic is now via mobile.”

Mark Zablan, President, Adobe EMEA, said: “It is no surprise that many companies still haven’t been able to formulate an overarching strategy for mobile, as this is a complex challenge that cuts across so many different business functions. It is clear from this report that too much mobile-related development and marketing activity is occurring in business silos.”

He added: “A small but growing proportion of businesses now describe themselves as ‘mobile-first’ – around a fifth (19%) of organisations compared to 13% last year. In many sectors it is these companies that are most likely to succeed in the customer-driven future.”

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Published on: 11:37AM on 29th April 2015