It’s official, festival season is here and it’s time to start compiling your survival checklist… but will you need to take your wallet with you this year?

Over the last few years Barclay’s have been trialling their wearable payment wristband bPay with huge success - it made payments quicker and easier and erased the security issue of carrying cash and cards.

In 2014, TomorrowWorld in Atlanta, made the pioneering choice to go completely cashless. It may be a year or two yet before we see cashless payments introduced at every festival but the time will come. And after that who knows what the wristband might achieve on the high street, or at holiday destinations like Butlins or Mark Warner? Sand in your wallet? A thing of the past.

But until then we’ve found two apps that might make this years’ festival experience a little more enjoyable.

First of all Find My Friends: The worst part about festivals, aside the portaloos, is losing your friends. There’s that awkward moment when you spend a little too long staring at that forty-something year-old man who’s wearing pink Hello Kitty skin-tight leggings, before realising that your entire group of friends have walked off and abandoned you in a sea of strangers. Thanks to Apple’s Find My Friends, you don’t need to worry about ever getting lost again.

And then there’s Virtual Zippo Lighter: As Lil’ Kim once said ‘put your lighters up’, but who carries a lighter around with them these days? The only thing rammed in most people’s pockets at festivals will be their e-cigs. There’s something pretty magical about listening to your favourite band thrash out their most emotional song whilst being dazzled by a plethora of tiny, flickering white lights. The smart phone light tried to take over, but it just wasn’t the same. Well, we’ve got just the answer with Virtual Zippo Lighter!

So, for all of you who are off to enjoy the mud and the loos this summer, have fun, don’t get lost, and may the wristband be with you.

Steve Richardson - Creative Director - Mr B & Friends

T +44(0) 1225 424600

Published on: 3:08PM on 15th May 2015