All videos from one of the largest European events about AdWords & contextual advertising have been released.
All AdWords optimization real cases shown during the last edition held in Italy on April 2015 are available in our online shop.
The 22 speakers from USA, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Italy animated the most participated edition ever.

Advanced AdWords Seminar by Brad Geddes
The full 6h video recording of the Seminar by Brad Geddes (the first Advanced AdWords Seminar Leader appointed by Google itself in the world).

Advanced Analytics Seminar by Dara Fitzgerald
The full 6h video of the Seminar by Dara Fitzgerald (Measurelab), one of the most renown UK Analytics experts. No slides, only live interactions with the real GA interface.

Besides the 2 daylong seminars, here are the case histories presented during the conference:

Enhanced e-commerce Analytics & AdWords (Dara Fitzgerald) – Winner of ADWEXP SEM Award 2015
How to setup and which advantages can offer the enhanced version of e-commerce Google Analytics in correlation with AdWords campaigns;

Advanced targeting tactics (Brendan Almack & Alan Coleman) – 2nd most voted case
Using Dynamic Search Ads in combination with Search Remarketing, URL parameters and bid multipliers;

Selling cars with AdWords (Zbigniew Nowicki) – 3rd most voted case
The award winning local search campaign strategy developed for Mitsubishi in Poland;

Cutting cost by 50% (Jennifer Bölitz & Maik Metzen)
How to severely cut the budget in a running account without destroying its performances in terms of conversions;

Bid Management Systems benchmark (Lauryan Feijen)
Which are the main PRO and CONS of the most widespread platforms on the market;

Shopping Campaigns DOs & DONTs (Sergio Borzillo)
Best practices for Products Listing Ads coming from a variety of real campaigns;

Cross Channel Remarketing (Rocco Baldassarre)
All the power of Facebook lookalike audiences and Twitter ads joined with AdWords;

Increase profits though AD testing (Brad Geddes)
Real cases of ads tests & customizations that dramatically increased campaigns performances;

AdWords Automation (Evert Veldhuijzen)
Some very useful automations for your account and why to use them;

Right message, right time, right customer (Gemma Howley)
Data driven AdWords automation cases for big retail industry campaigns;

Not only e-mail Retargeting (Florian Werner) – FREE
Targeting your site’s visitors with personalized messages even before they register online is possible. With Remintrex;

Final round table (with speakers + Wijnand Meijer and Matthias Weth) – FREE.

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Published on: 12:57PM on 8th June 2015