For many companies their weekly, tactical email campaigns sent to the masses can be generic and reactive, making them irrelevant to the consumer. The issue is that other messages communicated from the company are segmented and targeted making the irrelevant emails jeopardise the customer’s trust and relationship it has developed with the brand.

RedEye is proud to announce new functionality – Data Driven Behavioural Content in Tactical Emails. The function introduces a unique algorithm matrix into client tactical email templates to allow data driven dynamic content to be implemented into email campaigns.

• The RedEye function can help to create individual messages for consumers within weekly, tactical emails using behavioural data.
• This ensures the customer’s whole journey is unique and tailored to them and not disrupted by receiving counteractive emails that don’t engage them.
• RedEye has a unique algorithm matrix which can be implemented into email templates allowing data driven dynamic content to be implemented into the campaign where applicable to the recipient.
• Case studies show that through the enhancement of generic templates by adding behavioural content, the use of the function led to a 154% increase in conversion rates and a 745% increase in revenue generated by the email.

In conclusion, enriching offer-led emails through utilising unique data to the individual will retain both the customer lifecycle and engagement with the brand, enhancing the company-customer relationship.

Matthew Kelleher, Chief Commercial Officer at RedEye said, “The new function of Data Driven Behavioural Content in Tactical Emails has already proved itself as a tool that enhances engagement and conversion significantly. We saw this with our client, Monarch, who saw a 23% increase in their unique click rate in their tactical email campaigns that they hadn’t seen before. This is a simple functionality to implement that can yield dramatic results!”

About RedEye

RedEye is a multi-channel personalisation company that helps our clients deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right customer on the right device. We cut through the hype and buzzwords that surround marketing automation and personalised marketing. We want to help our clients quickly see the maximum value from a solution that could transform their CRM strategy.

RedEye’s family of Contour products are driven by a unique Customer Data Platform that combines all customer data, online and offline, from in-store purchases to last products browsed online and makes this vast depth and breadth of data available to our clients through sophisticated and intuitive tools and interfaces.

We’re hands-on people who’ll spend time with our customers planning their programmes and supporting them through their journey. We’re interested in building long-term relationships, not selling and shipping off.

RedEye has 3 UK offices (London, Milton Keynes and Crewe) and clients include Jigsaw, Interflora, Buyagift, Haven Holidays, Monarch, Snow+Rock and Hotel Chocolat.

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Published on: 1:51PM on 1st July 2015