Data management platforms (DMPs) are playing an increasingly important role in supporting effective, programmatically-driven, marketing and advertising, according to research released today by Econsultancy and Oracle Marketing Cloud.

More than two-thirds of marketers (68%) surveyed by Econsultancy agreed that DMPs are ‘key to the future of programmatic advertising’, while the same percentage said they had successfully used data to improve their advertising effectiveness.

The report, titled The Role of DMPs in the Era of Data-Driven Advertising, looks at why companies are introducing these increasingly influential technology platforms and the challenges which prevent them being used to maximum effect.

The research is based on a global survey of 170 senior marketers and interviews with brands, agencies and other industry experts.

For companies already using a DMP, the study found that 60% are using them to optimise customer experience across other marketing channels in addition to display advertising. ‘Website’ (51%), ‘search’ (49%) and ‘mobile’ (46%) are the channels most commonly optimised with the help of a DMP.

“Consumers today not only desire a personalised customer experience – they demand it. If marketers can’t capture, analyse and act on the massive amount of insightful data that their audience is making available to them, they are missing a huge opportunity to engage and delight them.

"As budgets continue to shift steadily towards programmatic, it’s essential that companies implement DMPs as part of an overarching cross-channel data strategy for both advertising and marketing to generate maximum value from those investments,” said Alex Hooshmand, ‎VP Product Management, Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Econsultancy Research Director Linus Gregoriadis added: “The benefits of using data management platforms are becoming more widely understood by companies who are keen to make sure they are using their own first- and third-party data to gain a competitive advantage. DMPs can help with better targeted display advertising campaigns, but they are also being harnessed to deliver a better customer experience across a range of touchpoints.”

Other findings from the report include:

-) 58% of those companies using DMPs have only started using them within the last two years. In Europe, more than a third of companies (35%) using the technology have introduced it within the last 12 months.

-) ‘Centralised control and standardisation of existing first-party data’ is the most popular reason for using a DMP, cited as a major benefit by 53% of marketers surveyed. The next most popular reason is the use of existing data ‘for better email, web, social and content personalisation’ (51%).

-) More than half of companies (56%) using a DMP say that it is managed by their IT department.

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Published on: 1:18PM on 16th July 2015