A new white paper launched by strategic digital design agency, Nomensa, is encouraging businesses to adopt a ‘Digital First’ philosophy and a way of thinking that supports effective digital integration.

The white paper written by Nomensa’s CEO, Simon Norris, demonstrates how taking a Digital First approach to business can support any organisation tasked with the complex challenge of digital transformation.

Simon Norris, CEO of Nomensa, says: “Understanding the implications of Digital First requires understanding the implications of information being everywhere and in everything. We are all interacting digitally and this affects every business operating in this day and age. Our emerging digital reality is so enticing that many organisations are exploring what benefits it may yield including access to new markets, ones that may never have existed, even seemed possible, or were unthinkable.

“Digital First is as a philosophy and a way of thinking that supports digital integration and how best to embed and scale it so that it adds real business value.

“In this white paper we have tried to encapsulate the benefits of taking a Digital First approach to business with a particular focus on how it can help shape customer experiences. Ultimately, a Digital First philosophy represents the glue that binds an organisation’s digital and physical experiences, helping to deliver a superior user experience that has greater depth and connects with people (customers) emotionally. It can provide a way of thinking that works to effectively combine technology, context or behaviour.”

The full outline of our Digital First Whitepaper covers:

1. The Benefits of a Digital First philosophy

2. From user journey to digital ecology

3. The importance of Digital First

4. Better thinking equates to better design

5. Joining the dots

6. Cultivating an ecological mindset

7. Designing the digital ecosystem

8. Digital encourages disruption

9. The total interaction is greater than the sum of all interactions

10. Making digital part of ‘day-to-day’ activity

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Published on: 3:44PM on 3rd August 2015