Pilot Software Inc. has signed a partnership agreement, via distributor partner ISSEL, with HymnSheet, a UK-based international corporate management consultancy. The agreement is the latest in a series of partnerships forged by Pilot Software in Europe to help it build its position as the leading provider of operational performance management solutions.

HymnSheet is dedicated to improving the strategic performance of its clients, achieving this through a complement of skills in Sales, Marketing, HR, Training and other key functions. The company evangelises the use of web-based software tools to enhance a client’s performance and strategic integration processes. It will use Pilot’s range of operational performance management solutions to enhance its offering in this area.

“Our solutions identify, measure, and solve Strategic Business Integration (SBI) issues across an organisation and its partner networks,” said Dan Harris, managing director of HymnSheet. “A key part of this process is the use of sophisticated and flexible tools to unlock operational insight and align strategy with execution.” HymnSheet uses an integrated approach of consultancy and web-based tools to help clients understand how various factors impact strategy. The company already uses an online assessment called the HymnSheet Index to measure critical gaps in strategy, and it sees significant opportunities with Pilot as a logical extension of this approach.

“Pilot’s vision is to offer operational performance management solutions that address the needs of the entire performance management lifecycle – from getting started or refining strategy, to building out technology to sustaining performance,” said Kurt J. Bilafer, vice president of worldwide sales and services at Pilot Software. “HymnSheet, with its focus on sales and marketing strategy development, complements Pilot’s award-winning technology and target market perfectly.”

HymnSheet has particular expertise in improving the performance of the Sales and Marketing relationship. A key reason for the decision to select Pilot was its ability to track a client’s strategic initiatives, enhance collaboration, monitor performance, and align operational goals.

According to Colin Cooper, commercial director at ISSEL, a particular attraction for HymnSheet was that Pilot’s solutions allow organisations to start small, see results quickly, and build best practice for successful expansion. “People resist major ‘big bang’ style implementations in today’s complex business environments,” Cooper adds. “Most want to phase their investment and minimise risk.”

About Pilot Software
The only dedicated performance management provider to be named to the 2004 DM Review 100 and a finalist in the 2005 Codie Awards, Pilot is the leader in operational performance management solutions for customer operations, public sector, and Web channel organisations. The culmination of more than 15 years of development and industry expertise – starting with the first-ever performance management solution deployed – Pilot’s solutions dramatically improve performance by rapidly aligning day-to-day execution with strategic objectives. Pilot’s operational alignment framework includes software components for strategy plans and pathways; initiative management and prioritisation; scorecards and dashboards; reports and ad hoc analysis; and modeling and integration. Customers include Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation, American Heart Association, The Boeing Company, Coors Brewing Company, General Services Administration, Health Net, Ingersoll-Rand, JetBlue, Pacific Life Insurance, Sarasota County Government of Florida, and SMARTpages.com®.

Pilot Software is privately held with funding from Excelsior Venture Partners III, LLC, a private equity fund managed by U.S. Trust; G-51 Capital, a Texas-based venture capital firm; and individual investors, including management team members. More information is available at www.pilotsoftware.com.

About HymnSheet
HymnSheet provides clients decades of international corporate management and consulting experience, offering a complement of skills in Sales, Marketing, HR, Training and other key functions. HymnSheet develops web-based software tools to further enhance a client's performance and strategic integration processes. HymnSheet's research, along with research from leading industry analysts and HR organisations, has shown that integration, culture, environment, teamwork, and strategy have a direct impact on corporate profitability. HymnSheet works with clients to ensure these factors are properly managed and aligned to meet their corporate objectives to maximise profitability and growth. In all, HymnSheet helps clients turn Strategic Business Integration (SBI) to their competitive advantage and achieve individual, team, and corporate objectives. More information can be found at www.hymnsheet.com.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 14th July 2005