Most companies are failing to take an integrated approach to marketing, with only 14% of marketers saying their organisations join up campaigns across all channels, according to new research published today by Econsultancy and Adobe.

The latest Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, called ‘the Reality of Multichannel’, has found that there has been no improvement since a similar study was carried out two years in the extent to which companies are successfully joining up their different marketing activities.

According to the research, based on a global survey of almost 2,000 marketers, 29% of respondents said ‘most campaigns are integrated across most channels’ while 46% said that ‘some campaigns are integrated across some channels’. This compares to 30% and 50% last year, respectively.

The same percentage (14%) as in 2013 say they join up all campaigns across all channels, but the proportion of companies who say that none of their marketing campaigns are integrated has almost doubled, from 6% to 11%.

The research found that ‘non-integrated technology platforms’ is the issue most likely to be cited as a barrier to joined-up marketing. More than half of responding marketers (56%) cited this as a top-three obstacle, ahead of ‘disparate data sources’ (47%).

John Travis, VP, EMEA Marketing, Adobe, said: “Half of the marketers surveyed said their companies don’t use integrated marketing technology. They still have separate, non-connected technologies managing data for different channels. These non-integrated tech platforms are a top-three obstacle to integrated marketing, along with disparate data sources and organisational structure.”

He added: “The study also shows that marketers who use cross-channel campaign management tools are significantly more likely to hit financial goals. These are the kinds of facts that may help cautious CFOs recognise a wise investment.”

The report comes two years after Econsultancy and Adobe published a similar Quarter Digital Intelligence Briefing on this topic, called ‘Channels in Concert’.

This year’s research also found that:

• 64% of companies 'match channels and content to a roughly mapped customer journey'.

• 47% of companies are evaluating a cross-channel campaign management tool.

• North American marketers 'more likely to take integrated approach to marketing'.

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Published on: 9:36AM on 3rd September 2015