Two-thirds of APAC companies (66%) do not carry out any form of meaningful marketing attribution, according to research published today.

The State of Marketing Attribution in Asia Pacific report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with full-service media attribution and marketing analytics provider Datalicious, found that just a third (34%) of companies in the region are currently doing any attribution beyond basic, ‘last-click’ analysis.

Lack of knowledge is shown to be the biggest issue preventing companies implementing an attribution model but, promisingly, there appears to be little resistance to implementing attribution modelling in principle, with only 16% of company respondents saying they were not convinced by the business case.

Just over half of companies (56%) are thinking about doing media attribution modelling beyond last-click, according to the research which is based on a survey of more than 400 client-side and agency marketers. Multi-device behaviour has increased the focus on attribution, in the opinion of 71% of companies.

The research also found that custom modelling is the most popular attribution method after first and last-click, used by 39% and 49% of companies and agency clients respectively. This form of modelling is viewed as the most effective, with 41% saying it is ‘very effective’.

According to Econsultancy Research Director Linus Gregoriadis: “As marketers try to track the entire customer journey and assess the influence of multiple devices and channels, basic attribution models have become less relevant as they fail to take into account the complexity of journeys or the amount of data available.”

Datalicious CEO Christian Bartens said despite a majority of marketers across APAC not doing attribution, it is encouraging to see these same marketers already recognising the benefits of it.

“Even though not all marketers are using media attribution yet, they understand the need for it and recognise the potential benefits - there simply is no better way to maximise the return from your media budgets, it’s a must have for every marketer’s tool kit.”

He continued, “A surprising amount of marketing dollars are spent on media placements that do not significantly contribute to driving sales. Eliminating this wastage - which can be as high as 10-30% cent of media budgets - is one of the immediate and most obvious benefits of attribution.”

Further findings

-) 44% of companies agree to some extent that the insights they gain from attribution are not ‘actioned’.

-) The importance of customer experience has helped the case for attribution; the research also found that over two-thirds of client-side marketers see insights into consumer and customer behaviour as a major benefit of marketing attribution.

-) Nearly four in five (79%) organisations cite better budget allocation as a primary benefit of media attribution, closely followed by a better understanding of the interaction between channels.

-) Just over half of companies doing attribution modelling carry out multichannel attribution; the offline channels most likely to be included are direct mail and printed media.

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Published on: 11:30PM on 3rd September 2015