OrderlyQ, a company that helps businesses cope easily and efficiently with busy periods by phone, or over the Internet, has teamed up with DataCash to offer flexible and comprehensive payments services to clients. The agreement means that OrderlyQ can offer DataCash as a secure, tried and trusted payment solution which has itself the flexibility to cope with the demands of conducting business in real time, with low unit cost, rapid implementation and easy integration.

OrderlyQ enables businesses to control the rate at which customers are served during very busy periods, spikes of interest and downtime. Services include the ability to queue access to websites experiencing heavy load and improved queuing for telephone callers, who can hang up, then call back later without losing their place in the queue. The company’s services also work in combination to provide streamlined and stress-free protection to any business needing to manage incoming web hits and calls. As well as reducing costs and eliminating risk and hassle, customer satisfaction is increased as customers interact with fully responsive servers online, and no longer have to wait on hold on the phone.

OrderlyQ has a wide variety of applications, such as the management and re-sale of pre-booked but empty seats. “Beyond the obvious benefits to call centres and very busy web sites, we can also help sports events ensure that they are filled to capacity. Fans of popular teams often say that their single biggest reason for not attending games is the unavailability of tickets”, explains founder of OrderlyQ, Matt King. “Nevertheless, even matches that sell out may have as many as 20% empty seats. The reason for this is that Season Ticket holders do not attend every match, resulting in the empty seats.”

OrderlyQ provides a system for Season Ticket holders to say they will not be attending a particular match. The seat is then offered fairly to fans who want tickets, but are otherwise unable to get one. Once the seat is resold, the Season Ticket holder is rewarded with a financial incentive, such as a discount against team merchandise in the online store.

DataCash will enable OrderlyQ to integrate comprehensive electronic payment and fraud services into its applications through the DataCash XML API. DataCash will manage the end-user relationship, providing 1st and 2nd line support and a dedicated account manager.

Commenting, DataCash Business Development Director Gavin Breeze, said: “OrderlyQ is an innovative business focused on helping customers to manage the often expensive task of dealing with unusually busy periods. People will do more business with companies if they find that experience a simple and rewarding one – we are all frustrated by telephone queues or wasting time hitting ‘Refresh’ trying to get through to a busy server.”

Matt King of OrderlyQ said: “The flexibility and convenience of DataCash’s gateway suits us perfectly. Our business is all about making the customer’s life as easy as possible and the DataCash service opens up a whole new dimension to our e-commerce offering.”


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DataCash – http://www.datacash.com

DataCash is the only quoted payment solution provider in Europe, providing outsourced solutions for the authorisation, settlement and fraud management of credit and debit cards as well as direct debits, direct credits and cheques. Transactions are accessible to merchants through a real-time MIS Reporting suite. DataCash's fraud management solutions support industry initiatives such as AVS/CV2 and 3-D Secure's Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode as well as traditional, rules-based, fraud screening.

DataCash's solutions are suitable for merchants selling through any channel including High Street Point of Sale, the Web, Interactive TV, Kiosk, Call Centre and Interactive Voice Response. DataCash works with partners, such as IBM, to provide mid-tier retailers with solutions for Chip and PIN and smart card value added services.

Orderly Software and OrderlyQ – http://www.orderlyq.com
OrderlyQ allows any business to control the rate at which customers are served
during very busy periods, spikes of interest, or down-time.

In addition to reducing costs and eliminating risk and hassle, customer satisfaction is hugely increased. On the internet, customers interact with fully responsive servers and receive Order Confirmation emails immediately. On the phone, callers no longer have to wait on hold – instead they can hang up, then call back later without losing their place in the queue.

Deploying OrderlyQ shows your customers that you care about their business, and the fair provision of your service. Integrating with the OrderlyQ system couldn't be simpler, so start helping your customers and protecting your infrastructure today. Your customers will thank you for choosing OrderlyQ.

Published on: 12:00AM on 19th July 2005