Epom Market has collected the data on its eCPM rates to analyze the results of a recent update of its product portfolio and platform. This spring the advertising network has added the support of new high impact mobile ad formats. The company has also improved its eCPM optimization functionality in May 2015, bringing smart automation to the overall workflow.

The updates resulted in a major increase of eCPM rates over the course of the last four months. According to the statistics collected over this period, the average monthly eCPM rates have grown by 30% for publishers who use the network’s RTB platform to monetize their mobile sites.

There are additional factors that contribute to the positive eCPM dynamic. Namely, the ad network fuels effective monetization strategies by integrating high-quality demand-side platforms (DSPs).

Epom Market works with 60+ DSP partners, which enables the network’s mobile publishers to benefit from a persistent demand for ad inventory. In essence, this factor leads to higher revenues and better creatives for both premium and surplus ad space. It also provides publishers with an opportunity to set higher bid floors for their RTB deals.

Igor Korobka, the sales team lead at Epom Market, noted that the new stats indicate a positive tendency, even though they cover a relatively short period:

“The noticeable growth of eCPM means that publishers will achieve better performance with their existing inventory. The tendency is crucial for mobile web, because smartphone and tablet screens accommodate fewer ad units. To increase their revenues, publishers need a wider range of formats to choose from, as well as the right tools to optimize their programmatic and direct deals. Essentially, these are the two things we focused on when working on the recent updates.”

About Epom Market

Epom Market is an ad network that helps advertisers expand their reach and provides publishers with efficient tools for inventory monetization. The network was created in 2011 as a flagship product of Epom ltd. It has a significant customer base in 40+ countries, operates in every vertical, and supports both standard and non-standard ad formats. Epom Market is a certified AdX reseller and a member of IAB, DMA, and MMA.

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Published on: 11:47AM on 8th October 2015