Fewer than two years after opening its first London office, search and digital agency Vertical Leap is now moving to more prestigious premises due to its accelerated growth in the capital.

Vertical Leap, founded in Portsmouth in 2001, opened its first London office in the creative capital of Soho back in 2013. Now, with rapid growth in both its client base and team of marketing specialists, the award-winning agency will move to larger offices in the iconic Cavendish Square in the West End.

Bill Greer, Vertical Leap’s Client Services Director, said: “We’ve greatly enjoyed our time in Soho and we’re looking forward to this exciting new phase in the growth of our company.

“Moving into a larger office space allows us to accommodate more of our technical specialists and sales team, and will enable us to better serve the needs of our London-based clients as we continue to grow.”

Vertical Leap has certainly been making waves in the digital marketing world, offering a service that is combines comprehensive marketing intelligence and human expertise. The agency has created an innovative deep data platform giving clients a true big data solution, empowering both its team of specialist experts and the clients themselves to achieve greater marketing success.

Matt Hopkins, Managing Director of Vertical Leap, said: “We give clients access to every single piece of data available about their online presence. What’s more, we make sense of it and turn it into actionable insight. Our clients can’t get enough of it.

“This is an exciting time for us. We’re leading the way in our industry and delivering the most efficient and effective search marketing service available.”

Published on: 11:24AM on 15th October 2015