For many companies, being able to send up to the minute, contextual content in their email campaigns has been an impossibility, as it can only be considered current at the moment it is sent by the ESP.

Longstanding RedEye client – Monarch – has reported tremendous success after implementing RedEye’s Agile Content functionality within their email campaigns.

• RedEye’s Agile Content function has so far achieved a significant increase of 34% in email revenue with conversion rates increased by 27%
• The RedEye function delivers content that responds to each opener’s personal context in real-time, such as weather information that gives a real-time weather update at each moment the email is opened
• The Agile Content product range is made up of: GPS tracking; countdown clocks; weather; web scrapes; live social streaming; personalised imagery; embedded video; slideshows.
• This function drives relevant content for the consumer, in turn leading to an increase in engagement and conversion rates.

Econsultancy reported that those organisations already carrying out real-time marketing experiences for their customers (such as, tailoring offers and messages according to geography, weather and time of day) have reported an average of 26% uplift in their conversion rates.

In conclusion, enriching email campaigns with real-time matter will allow companies to have genuinely relevant email conversations with their customers, leading to increased engagement and the all-important increased conversion and revenue from email.

Matthew Kelleher, Chief Commercial Officer at RedEye said:

“To see the results Monarch have achieved using our Agile Content functionality is fantastic. It is clear this functionality can bring the relevance and ‘of the moment’ content that today’s consumers crave, which clearly has a big impact on conversion rates and ultimately email revenue".

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Published on: 11:48AM on 15th October 2015