11 November 2015, London

Research published today by Econsultancy and RedEye (www.redeye.com) illustrates that conversion rate optimization (CRO) has become a mainstream focus for marketers, as evidenced by the resources, time and budget now dedicated to it. The rewards seem to be considerable, as over a quarter (27%) of companies said they were ‘very’ or ‘quite’ satisfied with their conversion rates, up by 23% compared to last year.

The seventh iteration of the Conversion Rate Optimization Report looks at the types of conversion strategies and tactics organizations are using, in addition to the tools and processes employed for improving conversion rates. As well as touching on the use and impact of personalization, the research also covers different areas of best practice and identifies methods and techniques which are most valuable for improving conversion rates.

The aim is to provide data and a framework to help companies invest their time and resources as effectively as possible by examining which methods and processes are most likely to yield results. The research is based on a survey of nearly 900 digital marketers carried out in between July and September 2015.

Organizations are more likely to have the right processes in place and adopt a structured approach to conversion rate optimization than at any time since the launch of our inaugural survey in 2009. Almost half (46%) of client-side respondents say their companies now have more than one person directly responsible for improving conversion rates, the highest proportion since 2009. Additionally, over three-fifths (64%) feel they have ‘quite a lot’ or ‘a great deal’ of control over their conversion rates, the highest percentage in the last six years.

Garry Lee, CEO of RedEye, said: “Improvement rates have plateaued over the last three years (one percentage point change over this period) but satisfaction shows significant increase, which begs the question, why are people so satisfied with this lack of improvement?

“Companies are starting to be braver in their testing and as a result accept that not all of these more daring tests will work. They are prepared and even satisfied when this happens. Whereas previously failed tests were considered unacceptable, now they’re part of the process. This is a real reflection of the growing maturity of the industry accepting that we’ve probably eaten all the low-hanging fruit and need to start getting braver and smarter in our future developments.”

Further analysis of the data explored the extent to which factors are proven to increase conversion. Key findings include:

-) Organizations with dedicated resource are 16-20% more likely to see improvements in conversion rates.

-) Companies adopting a structured approach to improving conversion rates are almost 20% more likely to see improvements and are twice as likely to be satisfied.

-) Running 3-5 website tests per month appears to be the optimal amount for improvement and increased satisfaction. Running less than three or more than five tests sees satisfaction and improvement rates begin to fall.

-) As was the case last year, there’s evidence that improvement and satisfaction increase as the number of testing methods used increases. However, even among companies using more than seven methods, only 41% are satisfied with conversion rates.

The full 2015 Econsultancy / RedEye Conversion Rate Optimization Report is available for download here:


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Published on: 12:40PM on 11th November 2015