Top of the league for the third month running is Thurrock, with a MorseMark of 9.433. For the second month running, this is the highest MorseMark score of any government site . since SiteMorse began testing

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Most improved in July is North Warwickshire BC’s site at North Warks., which leaps up an incredible 378 places, just missing the top ten and scoring a MorseMark of 8.234, up from 2.06 recorded in June. The top ten sites recorded a combined MorseMark of 87.154, up from 85.607 in June.

High climbers
Ashford moves up 277 places to 167.
Corby moves up 230 places to 162.
City of London moves up 208 places to 247.

Bottom ten
Dungannon continues to score a MorseMark of zero. Moving into the bottom ten are Bolsover and Epsom Ewell.
The combined MorseMark score for the bottom ten is 2.597, down from 3.342 recorded in June.

Dropping down
Canterbury drops 122 places to 137
East Renfrewshire drops 182 places to 443
Stirling drops 172 places to 367
Derby drops 171 places to 301

Errors & Warnings
Seven sites were error free during the July testing period, with the highest number of error occurrences (10430) recorded by Redditch. Aylesburyvale and Essex CC both reported zero warnings with Leeds recording the most (138,899).

Accessibility & eGMS
132 sites passed basic (A) automated accessibility tests, up from 118 in June and representing 28.7 per cent of the sites tested. A further 176 sites scored above 90 per cent. Essex County Council’s site at Essex passes second level (AA) automated tests - the only site to achieve this during the July testing period. 17 sites scored above 90 percent, up from 11 in June. eGMS tests were passed by 49 sites, with a further 46 sites scoring above 90 percent. Response Time & Download Speed The fastest server response time was recorded by Essex, with the slowest recorded by Salisbury.
The fastest calculated download speed was recorded by Woking, with Chorley recording the slowest. Note that this measure should not be confused with Download Time, which is determined substantially by the size and nature of individual page content.

Six sites not included in the July testing - Maldon, Pendle, Medway, Luton, South Lanarkshire and Harlow.

Published on: 12:00AM on 20th July 2005