Progressive London based agency Gravytrain has officially announced the launch of their new Natural Language Processing (NPL) software “ISOV” (Integrated Share of Voice Analysis).
Gravytrain has been working on bespoke in-house technology for a number of months now, culminating in various new technologies aimed at automating and advancing Search Engine Optimisation strategies. The launch of ISOV marks the introduction of the widespread application of this technology across all SEO accounts.
ISOV allows Gravytrain to understand full customer journeys throughout search, from key “I’m-ready-to-buy” terms through to searches that can be used to drive brand awareness. Three key queries addressed throughout this process are:
• What content is needed to fulfil users’ needs?
• What is the condition of the competitive landscape?
• What activity will provide maximum ROI?

Daniel Whitehouse, Gravytrain’s Head of Digital, explains: “When it comes to search, potential customers will inevitably use hundreds of thousands of individual search terms.
“Accurately analysing this volume of data by hand is impossible – to this end we have trained a keyword analysis model on top of Amazon Web Service’s cloud based machine learning platform. This enables us to perform detailed analysis and categorisation of hundreds of thousands of keywords in minutes.”
The ISOV platform consists of three separate pieces of technology to process search data, competition in the industry and gaps within a website’s content, aptly named “Jarvis”, “SearchSpy” and “Marco Polo” respectively.

The ultimate output from ISOV is opportunities within each clients’ search campaigns that will have a much higher success rate. Knowing what customers are searching for and when is a large part of Search Engine Optimisation, however with ISOV this component can be achieved to a higher level of accuracy within minutes instead of days or even weeks.

“ISOV is going to change the way that Gravytrain delivers search strategies to our clients,” said Whitehouse, “Everything we do here at Gravytrain has the ultimate aim of improving our clients’ bottom line, which is where ISOV can deliver like no other.”

For further information please contact: Dan Whitehouse, Head of Digital, Gravytrain
020 8941 2364

Published on: 11:36AM on 8th January 2016