Rapidly expanding digital marketing agency Gravytrain has recently added a new PR division to their portfolio named “Jam & Spoon”.

The decision to create a new department The Gravytrain that came from the Digital Team widening their offerings in terms of content promotion and outreach.

Gravytrain has spent years implementing digital campaigns featuring content distribution, however now the company has decided to dedicate this service within a specific company.

Jam & Spoon offers public-relations based services that are optimised for digital campaigns with SEO best-practices in mind. Those working under the Jam & Spoon department have experience in both traditional PR and online marketing, enabling a hybrid service.

Dan Whitehouse, Gravytrain’s Head of Digital and force behind the new PR company, said:
“With Gravytrain growing at such a rapid pace it’s essential that we clearly define our range of services and offerings to both our clients and investors.

“Jam & Spoon’s focus is large creative projects that combine our years of expertise in digital marketing to deliver perfectly blended online-PR campaigns.

“Over the past few years public relations and SEO have started to cross paths, however there are only a few companies that specialise in both. Jam & Spoon fills this gap in the market and offers a new breed of public relations with expansive KPIs.”

Along with combining data and content for PR purposes, a core functionality of Jam & Spoon is to utilise cutting-edge technology within campaigns. “Gravytrain has already created a number of bespoke, in-house technologies,” said Dan, “Jam & Spoon’s clients will benefit from these technologies as it enables them to always stay ahead of the curve.”

During the past few months Gravytrain has announced numerous changes within the company including the acquisition of new key members of staff and a restructuring of the teams.

For further information please contact:
Dan Whitehouse, Head of Digital
020 8941 2364

Published on: 9:17AM on 19th January 2016