SignStix® has announced its latest software release - SignStix® Mamba (version 2.9, early 2016). Customers will benefit from a range of user interface improvements, including the ability to preview signs, sequences and videos combined, as well as easily creating signs with custom dimensions.

As part of the release, SignStix® has developed a new Web Preview feature; though it has always been possible to preview individual signs, this new feature allows users to preview entire sequences. Users can also email a preview’s URL, should they wish to gather external feedback or sign-off.

In addition, users now have the capability to add custom sign presets. Whilst the default presets are ideal for standard screen orientations (e.g. Portrait and Landscape), the custom preset feature gives anyone the ability to easily design content for screens with unusual aspect ratios. When creating content for a video wall or large-format display, effort is significantly reduced.

A number of minor fixes and enhancements have also been applied in the Mamba release as part of SignStix® ongoing programme of quality and usability improvement.

For more information please contact:
Aneysha Wakelin
Head of Marketing, SignStix®
0845 863 0520

Published on: 10:19AM on 26th January 2016