Eyeblaster is revolutionizing the ability for agencies and publishers to develop, and profit from, multi-channel digital advertising through a series of initiatives that will deliver unified marketing solutions.

Eyeblaster, for years the leader in rich media advertising technology worldwide, is facilitating a more coherent, manageable, accountable, and more cost effective means for agencies to build their presence in the new interactive digital arena. Key within these initiatives is Eyeblaster’s new digital advertising platform, called AdVision™, which will create, deliver, and manage all digital communications through one online administrative platform.

“Digital advertising is growing up and reaching out and we’re best placed to ensure all facets of the industry benefit from a cohesive approach to ad planning, delivering and reporting. The AdVision platform will enable agency professionals to better serve their clients from the development of the creative brief to reporting on results, with newly designed tools to plan, create, serve, measure, and optimize interactive campaigns across existing and emerging channels such as mobile and gaming,” said Yoav Arnstein, Eyeblaster’s General Manager, International.

Eyeblaster’s AdVision™ together with its global presence (with 15 offices in 11 countries) will also enable agencies to better manage worldwide campaigns across all digital channels. The company has been introducing AdVision and its corporate initiatives, including mobile and gaming to select agency clients, with such visits ongoing throughout the summer. Eyeblaster will officially launch its initiatives in Autumn 2005 with the enhanced rich media platform available in September, and AdVision in October.

“AdVision will bring the best of the newest technologies to bear in one easy-to-use interface with more formats, turnkey features and comprehensive reporting - rather than providing a bolt-on to 10-year old technology, as many other systems have attempted,. Any agency professional that works with AdVision won’t settle for anything less.”

About AdVision
AdVision will be the only ad serving platform designed specifically for the generation of campaigns and creative units that provides direct access to publishers, creatives, and media buyers – thereby reducing errors and providing greater acceptance of campaigns, as well as greater ease of consolidating and generating reports. AdVision will provide agency professionals with multiple advantages, including:
• Easy planning tools for media professionals;
• All manner of agency ad serving and formats, including rich media, behavioral targeting and text links;
• Generation of ad creative units, from standard banners and in-banner rich media, which presently comprise more than half of Eyeblaster’s business, to the most elaborate Flash animations – with video opportunities available in every unit;
• Intuitive interfaces for gaming and mobile creative platforms;
• Monitoring, optimization, and tracking of campaigns of every sort, with an open API for ease of use across multiple publisher and vendor platforms.

Updates to AdVision, including tools for campaign planning, media buying, search and email integration, RSS feeds, yield management, and publisher-centric modules are planned over the coming nine months.

“Our research has indicated that agency professionals are tired of moving from platform to platform as they manage their digital campaigns,” said Yoav Arnstein, Eyeblaster’s General Manager, International Operations. “As the digital marketplace becomes increasingly fragmented, we see a great deal of value in the provision of one simple and intuitive platform for all elements, from planning and buying to trafficking, tracking, optimizing and billing.”

Gaming and Mobile Initiatives
Eyeblaster’s initiatives for gaming and mobile leverage its rich media technology leadership for marketers looking to expand into other digital channels. The company is currently working with top marketers to deploy online video ads on gaming sites and is laying a strong foundation to extend its opportunities into the mobile space.
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About Eyeblaster

Eyeblaster is the global leader in digital marketing solutions and the provider of the Eyeblaster Rich Media Platform. Eyeblaster provides online advertisers and publishers with the first single technology solution to create, deliver, and manage all rich media formats through one online administrative platform. Eyeblaster created the first rich media units to gain acceptance among the three major portals (AOL, MSN and Yahoo!).

The Eyeblaster platform is the only product that gives the user 100% control without relying on a ‘middleman vendor’ anywhere in the campaign process. Eyeblaster, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in New York, with offices in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beijing, Chicago, Detroit, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Sydney and Tokyo with development facilities in Israel. Visit www.eyeblaster.com.

Contact: Marco Scarola, International Marketing Manager
Eyeblaster Ltd, 00 44 (0) 207 831 9421 marco.scarola@eyeblaster.com

Published on: 12:00AM on 21st July 2005