Clicky Media, one of the North-West’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies, announce the launch of a state-of-the-art website, putting the award-winning business at the forefront of digital design and build.

One of the biggest challenges for a successful digital marketing agency is finding the time to ensure that its own website is the best possible example of what it can achieve. Working with a broad portfolio of clients, including some of the UK’s biggest names such as; the NHS, Ted Baker and Massey Ferguson, demand for Clicky’s time has lead to the company doubling in size and turnover in the last few years.

Clicky CEO and lead design in the new website, Oliver Yeates, is constantly ensuring that the company is at the top if its game. Here he comments: “The past 18 months have been an incredible journey for Clicky and we owe much of that to our previous website, which got our name in front of so many fantastic brands and organisations. However, like many things, websites have a shelf life and the pace of change that we are seeing in our industry is making things look out of date faster than ever before. We need to lead by example and I am more than happy with the result.”

The sleek new site is 180% bigger in terms of its content, demonstrating every element of what Clicky can do for current and prospective clients. They have retained the same fonts, layouts and UX elements, whilst also introducing some new options to keep things looking fresh. Oliver continues: “We have used WordPress again for the CMS but really pushed its capabilities to the max with 11 different custom post types and custom built extensions to link everything together with our internal systems.”

Owing to the increase in demand for video and the influence that HTML 5 Video is having on the web, Clicky has looked to incorporate these elements into the design and coding of the site in unique ways to give it the ultimate edge. Oliver continues: “To avoid issues with page load times, we have built in image ‘fall-backs’ and used a ‘progressive enhancement’ strategy when starting to code to allow us to achieve some beautiful things.”

With the introduction of Google penalties for website that are not mobile friendly, the talented team has also taken the time to carefully consider page size, ensuring that when users are on a 3G connection that their experience is fast and easy to use by stripping out unnecessary elements.

Clicky’s new site is now live and can be found at


For further information about Clicky Media or to arrange an interview, please contact Lottie at The Source Partnership on: 01829 720 789 or email:

Published on: 8:00AM on 12th April 2016