Avonline recently announced the launch of their Satellite Broadband service in Spain. Since 2002, Avonline has installed and supported over 5,000 business satellite systems throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. As one of Europe’s leading Broadband Satellite companies, Avonline can now offer their extensive knowledge and experience of Satellite Broadband and Wireless services to extend the Broadband options in Spain.

To date, Broadband availability and business Broadband penetration in Spain has not kept pace with many other European countries. Now, Avonline's Satellite Broadband service is available everywhere throughout Spain, with a range of services to suit all business needs and an experienced team that can create bespoke solutions when necessary. As we say No ADSL? No Cable? No problem! - Satellite Broadband is available wherever you are.

Clearly, with Avonline's Satellite Broadband there is no need to rely on the roll out of traditional DSL infrastructure. It is available immediately wherever it is needed to support a customer. Avonline also specialises in creating shared or multiple use Broadband solutions using the latest secure Wireless technologies.

Avonline plc is one of the UKs leading Network, Installation and Telecommunications companies. Established in 1981, Avonline has around 700 Engineers providing services to customers around Europe. Avonline has a specialist division deploying broadband satellite links to provide a high speed network supporting IPSec VPN, VoIP, video and broadband data. Avonline is the largest reseller of Satlynx Satellite services in the UK.

Published on: 12:00AM on 26th July 2005