LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM --( June 10, 2016) - Foresight News has published a new white paper and infographic outlining the process for withdrawing from the European Union if the UK votes to leave on June 23.

Amid the uncertainty from both campaigns about what will happen if the UK leaves the EU, the report focuses on what we do know: the steps the UK will need to take to end its membership, and in-depth analysis on the factors that could affect how long withdrawal might take.

“One of the main themes of the referendum campaign so far has been that nobody really knows what will happen if we leave,” says Nicole Wilkins, Editor of Foresight News. “While we can’t predict what life would look like outside of the EU, we can make sure that the public is prepared for what comes next in terms of how the withdrawal will happen.”

• What happens after the result is announced on June 24? Find out how we get from a ‘leave’ vote to starting the withdrawal process.

• The stages of negotiations for withdrawal, including which bodies need to approve the agreement.

• Understand the complexities of negotiating a new relationship with the EU and how that could affect withdrawal.

• Article 50 sets out a two-year timeframe for negotiations – find out what happens when the two years are up.

• Learn about the factors that could affect how long it will take to end our membership of the EU, including a timeline of upcoming elections in EU countries.

The infographic provides an easy-to-follow visual guide to the withdrawal process, showing the simultaneous negotiations for the UK’s withdrawal agreement and agreement on a new relationship with the EU.

The infographic and report can be downloaded at or can be found attached to this press release.

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Published on: 11:06AM on 13th June 2016