Digital marketing agency Gravytrain is proud to announce it’s new Advertising Technology (AdTech) that incorporates real-time football scores in Google search results.

Using various sporting Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Gravytrain is able to add every live score, yellow card and sending off into Google Pay Per Click (PPC) search results. Companies directly involved with EURO 2016 can now showcase real-time football information in PPC results. Even companies that are not directly involved can showcase innovation by engaging with a new audience during the next month or so while the competition is in full swing.

Dan Whitehouse of Gravytrain adds: “We’re really excited to cement ourselves at the forefront of our industry by creating something so innovative around a global event such as the EUROs. It’s a really exciting time for us and we hope people stand up and take notice.”

This advertising technology is not just limited to events such as the EUROs. It can be used for anything from Wimbledon to the Olympics in Rio.

To celebrate the EUROs Gravytrain are going to licence this script for either the Euros, Wimbledon or the Rio Olympics to any existing or new customers.

Dan also adds: “We really want people all over the world to celebrate sport with us! We are counting on companies to get in touch and be part of our journey pushing the boundaries of digital marketing.”

For further information please contact: 
Daniel Whitehouse, Head of Digital 
+44(020) 8941 2364

Published on: 5:47PM on 13th June 2016