Amherst, NH, July 27, 2005 – In a move that increases flexibility of content management-driven Web sites, Ektron announces that CMS400.NET now supports ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and ASP as well as ASP.NET sites. Ektron’s new multiplatform support allows Web developers to continue using programming languages they are skilled in, while leveraging the most up-to-date functionality of CMS400.NET, including core CMS functionality and numerous advanced features. Additionally, developers can rapidly and seamlessly integrate Ektron’s solution into an existing ColdFusion, ASP, JSP or PHP site with little or no change to existing code.

“Ektron CMS400.NET represents next-generation content management” says Ektron CEO Bill Rogers. “With multiplatform support, Ektron enhances the developer’s experience by giving developers the option to use languages they are most comfortable with, while ensuring delivery of a robust site in little time, for little cost -- with content management functionality ranging from basic to advanced.”

Rogers says organizations have repeatedly asked Ektron about tapping the power of CMS400.NET, without abandoning existing sites and without relinquishing opportunity to develop in languages beyond .NET.

“If an organization deploys on a Windows platform, Ektron CMS400.NET is the best content management solution for their site,” Rogers states. “Now, developers who’ve coded sites in ColdFusion, JSP, PHP or ASP can reuse code they’ve spent hundreds or thousands of hours developing. They can continue coding in these languages and, if they choose, learn .NET at their own pace.”

Ektron’s adoption of Microsoft .NET technology ensures CMS400.NET is highly scalable and adaptable for future advancements in internet technologies. Ektron allows organizations to improve connectivity between internet, intranet and portal sites, even if they are built in different environments.

Ektron CMS400.NET delivers an intuitive infrastructure to easily create, manage, publish and reuse Web content, Microsoft Office documents and other assets, while Webmasters and site administrators retain site control. It also provides a rich application development environment.

Ektron excels at providing core Web content management functionality including WYSIWYG editing, workflow/approval, versioning/history/audit trails, metadata support, task management, and more. CMS400.NET’s out-of-the-box advanced features include integrated document management, an online forms engine, calendar module, XML indexing for advanced search, content translation/localization, RSS support, and a new Explorer-like interface. With an open API, developers can readily customize the Ektron system.

About Ektron
Ektron is today’s most dominant player in making content management software more realistic, meaningful and affordable for the masses. Ektron CMS400.NET squarely addresses a mid-market gap -- delivering low-cost, feature-rich, out-of-the-box content and document management functionality, along with a powerful, customizable platform for Microsoft .NET development. Additionally, Ektron offers the market-leading eWebEditPro WYSIWYG editors. Founded in 1998, Ektron partners with leading Web firms, interactive agencies, and system integrators, and also sells directly to end customers. Ektron has nearly 15,000 customer integrations worldwide, including Unilever, Intel and Pfizer.

PR Contact:
Beth Strohbusch
Ektron Director of PR

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th July 2005