13 July 2016

Marketers realise the enormous power of mobile and understand that it’s still challenging to create great mobile experiences. However, they are slow on the uptake, according to the latest Digital Intelligence Briefing from Econsultancy and Adobe.

The number of organisations describing themselves as ‘mobile-first’ has more than doubled in the last two years (from 13% in 2014 to 27% this year), yet 48% of organisations don’t have a mobile strategy in place at all.

Based on a global survey of more than 4,000 marketers and digital professionals, the ‘Taking Advantage of the Mobile Opportunity’ report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Adobe, found that 98% of respondents are either increasing or maintaining their spend on mobile capabilities in 2016.

This sustained investment is producing positive results, with the average amount of revenue exchanged on mobile devices increasing by 75% since 2014. Continued investment will be necessary over the next year as mobile traffic increases: 62% of respondents said that more than half of their digital traffic will be via mobile in the next 12 months.

The research also found that:

-) On average, 37% of responding businesses’ digital traffic is now via mobile – up from 31% in 2015. At the same time, the proportion of those saying that over half of their digital traffic is via mobile has increased by 56% since last year.

-) Tablet use is heaviest in Europe, where it accounts for 35% of mobile traffic – compared to 30% in Asia Pacific and 25% in North America.

-) Over a third of those surveyed (35%) have employed apps as part of their mobile activities, with nearly half (56%) of those claiming that time spent per session is higher for mobile apps and the mobile web.

-) A lack of resources (including budget and staff) has emerged as the most significant barrier to optimising both the mobile web and the mobile app presence – 42% and 40% respectively.

Commenting on the findings of the ‘Taking Advantage of the Mobile Opportunity’ report, Econsultancy Research Director Jim Clark said: “Marketers have realised the value of mobile as a key component of customer experience. This survey has found that the majority (63%) now believe the importance of the mobile experience to exceed that of the desktop experience because there’s no room for error or waste.”

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Published on: 10:54AM on 13th July 2016