Spanning 15 years in customer relationship and email marketing expertise, NP6 announced today the acquisition of Ezakus, Big Data pioneer, audience qualifying and targeting expert. With the new digital marketing solution, NP6 helps marketing professionals to activate their first party data within a cross-channel platform.

After the acquisition of data treatment and analysis expert SOCIO Logiciels in 2013, this merger strengthens the evolution of NP6. With the integration of Ezakus DMP (Data Management Platform), NP6 continues its transformation and becomes the privileged partner of marketing professionals, helping them to create their single customer view and activate it within one multi-channel platform with marketing scenarios such as retargeting email.

Today, NP6 has 120 employees based in Bordeaux, Paris and London, numbers 550 clients with a global annual revenue of more than 11 million euros. NP6 founder Stéphane Zittoun becomes Executive Chairman of the new company and Ezakus co-founder Christophe Camborde becomes CEO. Sharing the same vision and strategy, the two entrepreneurs have more than 10 years’ experience each in managing leading IT companies.

Stéphane Zittoun, President of NP6, says: “Our activities are complementary and address the same marketing professionals market. We also share the same values and the same strategic vision set around three goals: innovation, performance improvement and customer satisfaction.”

“We are convinced that integrated activation of marketing actions today leads to DMP efficiency. As an emailing pioneer recognised for its cross-channel messaging delivery expertise, NP6 allows marketing professionals to integrate this innovation within the new joint solution”, said Christophe Camborde, General Manager of NP6.

About NP6:
Founded in 1999, NP6 is an emailing pioneer and a customer relationship specialist. NP6 helps brands to manage their marketing cross-channel campaigns, datamining, geomarketing and data modelling. Based in Bordeaux, Paris and London, NP6 offers more than 500 customers a wide range of digital marketing solutions, from the emailing and SMS activation platform MailPerformance to the French leader SOCIO Logiciels.

About Ezakus:
Founded in 2001, Ezakus is known as the French pioneer of Big Data technological solutions for online advertising and marketing. Ezakus Data Management Platform is specialised in first party audience analysing, qualifying and targeting innovation from more than 4 years.

Contact: Sandra Jezo / +335 57 92 65 62

Published on: 11:17AM on 22nd July 2016