- Leading digital travel company live the future of email with real-time user generated content (UGC)
- SmartFocus add UGC solution to their Message Cloud cross-channel marketing platform, enabling brands to deliver an even more engaging and personalized experience

London (26 July 2016) – SmartFocus, the global leader in intelligent marketing, today announced the launch of Smart Content, a real-time user generated content (UGC) solution on its award-winning Message Cloud platform, in a move that will redefine cross-channel context-driven marketing.

Smart Content helps brand marketers automatically find, create and publish UGC content to engage and convert customers. This enables the creation of hyper-personalized email campaigns by combining the real-time impact of UGC along with branded content, using The Message Cloud’s cross-channel identity resolution, real-time analytics, user experience and distributed marketing abilities.

With up-to-the-second relevancy, Smart Content keeps social posts across all channels up to date instantly, managed from one central location, and results in a more authentic, personalized and connected customer experience. UGC is 50% more trusted than any other content, achieves up to 3x conversion rate improvement, and has an 86% consumer trust rating as an indicator of product and service quality.

One large brand already using Smart Content in their summer email and social campaign #myholidayhabits is Teletext Holidays, the UK’s longest established digital travel agency, with 300,000 customers last year.

Kelly Maher, Head of CRM at Teletext Holidays explains: “Since using Smart Content, we have seen an unprecedented 2x increase in customer engagement in our campaigns. My team and I are now able to use up-to-the-second user generated content from all major social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to populate our emails with truly personalized, highly engaging content for every user on-open.”

Rob Mullen, CEO at SmartFocus, says: “It is clear that if your marketing isn’t engaging, personalized and real-time, it’s out of date. Marketers are living the past if they don’t see the possibilities of real-time cross-channel marketing and UGC in general. That’s why I am so proud to see my team pushing the boundaries of possibility with email and it’s great to see forward thinking brands, like Teletext Holidays, taking advantage of that and refusing to stand still.

“Thanks to Smart Content, marketers will be able to instantly access the most relevant user generated and third party editorial content. They will be able to manage workflows and curate the most engaging content, publishing this instantly to target specific customers across any channel in real-time. Marketers will also be to measure the impact and ROI of their content instantly.”

Using Smart Content and User Generated Content (UGC) in email will enable marketers to:

• Incorporate personalized social content into their email campaigns
• Accelerate in-email purchases with live product reviews and customer imagery
• Add dynamic conversion links to turn social content into a powerful sales asset
• Create more relevant and engaging emails on-open

SmartFocus’s best-of-breed Message Cloud coordinates contextual customer experiences from one asset canvas delivered in real-time to any channel a customer is interacting in - their preferred channel at the right time, irrespective of whether it’s via email, in-store, ecommerce, retargeting display, social or mobile. The Message Cloud technology gives brand marketers a holistic view of their customers and enables them to deliver even more personalized marketing interactions that increase brand engagement and sales. The new UGC solution Smart Content will be available as part of The Message Cloud and will enable brand marketers to find, create, curate, publish and measure the impact of their marketing content.


For additional information, to arrange interviews or if you wish to receive relevant pictures / digital images please log onto our media library storyboard.me/smartfocus or contact:

Nick Jones
(e) nick.jones@smartfocus.com
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Smart Content’s features include:
• One-click publishing across channels
• Visual interface to easily see content
• Filter content
• Schedule and batch groups for later
• Workflow for multiple curators
• Auto-publish brand approved content

Teletext Holidays
As the longest established digital travel agency in the UK, Teletext Holidays has been providing great value holidays for over 20 years. Last year nearly 300,000 customers chose to travel with them thanks to their huge choice of hotels, airlines and holiday deals, all with full ATOL protection.

SmartFocus is an innovator in messaging and communications, enabling the world’s largest brands – including Nestlé, Mercedes-Benz and House of Fraser – to understand and connect more closely with today’s connected consumers; whether that be via web, mobile, email or social channels. Through The Message Cloud solution, SmartFocus genuinely listens to and learns from customers using patented algorithms and unique location-based marketing tools. Using The Message Cloud, SmartFocus customers have the rich data, intelligence and the tools for contextually unique engagements, through any digital channel.

Published on: 9:11AM on 26th July 2016