Haven Holidays were looking to improve the customer experience on its website by displaying content tailored to customers’ needs and holiday preferences.

With 35 holiday parks around the Great British coastline, Haven has a wide variety of customers with different requirements that influence their purchase decision. These needs and preferences can vary a great deal depending on factors like where they live, park facilities and family demographics. Unsurprisingly, this breadth makes it a challenge to optimise the site to appeal to everyone.

One clear solution to this problem was website personalisation implemented by RedEye's dedicated Conversion Rate Optimisation team. RedEye started by using Haven’s CRM database to analyse Haven’s data to identify segments that could be targeted effectively.

Following this analysis, Haven decided to focus on the large amount of visitors who browse park pages, but leave before making a booking. Haven was able to identify these visitors by using RedEye’s smart tags which link a cookie back to an individual customer ID.

Once this segment was identified Haven was in a position to re-target these users with online content relevant to the browsing or search activity from the user’s last visit.

The original Haven homepage featured a large carousel which was visible to every user entering or returning to the site. Using RedEye’s website personalisation process, this carousel was modified to dynamically display a new static image which showcased information on the park the user had already expressed an interest in. This image included the USPs of the park along with a suitable CTA to encourage users to find out more and hopefully book. Four parks were selected to begin with, to test whether this personalised approach would increase bookings. Segments were chosen based on the parks with the highest online views.

In order to prove its worth the process was set up as part of an A/B test (this way Haven could test the success of the personalised homepages against the generic homepage). A/B testing against the original/generic content is a big part of RedEye’s approach.

The Success was Clear!

Replacing the homepage carousel with a personalised image increased bookings by 21% and revenue by 14% during the testing period. These fantastic test results were essential to prove website personalisation not only improves the customer experience, but it also has a huge impact on website conversions.

Haven Head of E-Commerce added, “Website personalisation is the future. We’ve been running highly targeted personalised and targeted email campaigns with RedEye for years, and we were delighted when they provided us with the opportunity to trial RedEye’s personalisation technology to provide highly targeted and relevant information to our customers on our website. I would encourage marketers to think about how they can improve the customer experience online, and a very good way to do this is to make information personal and relevant to the user.”


About RedEye:

RedEye is a multi-channel personalisation company that helps our clients deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right customer on the right device. We cut through the hype and buzzwords that surround marketing automation and personalised marketing. We want to help our clients quickly see the maximum value from a solution that could transform their CRM strategy.

RedEye’s family of Contour products are driven by a unique Customer Data Platform that combines all customer data, online and offline, from in-store purchases to last products browsed online and makes this vast depth and breadth of data available to our clients through sophisticated and intuitive tools and interfaces.

We’re hands-on people who’ll spend time with our customers planning their programmes and supporting them through their journey. We’re interested in building long-term relationships, not selling and shipping off.

RedEye has 3 UK offices (London, Milton Keynes and Crewe) and clients include Interflora, Buyagift, Haven Holidays, Monarch, Snow+Rock and Hotel Chocolat.

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Published on: 10:19AM on 29th July 2016