A new platform extension has been launched by a UK affiliate marketing network to solve the content accessibility problems faced by affiliates, providing a sophisticated content management system that allows advertisers to automate the sharing process to relevant affiliates.

Following a clear move in the digital space to prioritise content due to the increasing ineffectiveness of banner ads and growing usage of adblockers, a UK affiliate marketing network has been working to solve the problems faced by advertisers and affiliates.

In order to satisfy the need for accessible, good quality content and make it easier for affiliates to engage with their visitors while promoting advertisers, affilinet (www.affili.net/uk) has created a platform that provides easily accessible, scalable and automated content; designed to cater to the needs of both advertisers and affiliates.

Previously, affiliates had to refer to each individual advertiser to find the resources they wanted to feature on their channels, resulting in a time-consuming and inefficient process. The new platform meets the needs of advertisers and affiliates as the affiliate marketing industry continues to place emphasis on content and the threat of ad blockers increases.

The result is the launch of affilinet Connect (connect.affili.net), a content sharing platform that is fully integrated with the affilinet platform. Individual brand pages feed seamlessly into the affilinet Connect homepage which provides affiliates with a personalised, running feed of available content from all relevant advertisers; removing their need to contact advertisers individually. Advertiser content can be discovered by new affiliates that they may not be working with already and affiliates only see what is relevant to them. Advertisers are able to host a wide range of content across the channel, from images and written content through to video, making for an attractive and diverse offering for affiliates.

At present, the platform has launched with four key brands on board and is set to expand the offering to all advertisers over the coming months.

This initial launch is to be followed by further developments. This will see additional improvements to the personalisation of campaign recommendations for the 700,000 affiliates across the European network, based on the profile data they have entered, and a communications centre as well as honed affiliate CRM capabilities to allow advertisers to better communicate relevant content to their affiliates.

UK Managing Director at affilinet, Helen Southgate, commented on the launch of affilinet Connect:

“For a long time now we have felt that affiliates do not get given enough content to help them promote advertisers, and in turn advertisers are not engaging with customers through affiliates in the most creative and effective way. We launched affilinet Connect to enable advertisers to ensure that all affiliates can easily access new, exciting and rich content and that affiliates are inspired to promote existing and new advertisers and can improve their success by engaging with consumers in a much more creative way. We are excited to have launched the first phase of this unique, exclusive platform and have a number of exciting developments planned over the coming months to use this platform to help advertisers find and engage with new and existing affiliates at scale.”


Published on: 11:13AM on 9th August 2016