Google’s announcement of Expanded Text Adverts earlier this month was a major shake-up of the format of text adverts within AdWords. Rather than one headline and two description lines – with a 25 and 35 character limit respectively – PPC managers can now create text adverts with two headlines with 30 characters each and a longer description with up to 80 characters.

This extra information will improve user experience (UX) and is a further adaption to a browsing world which is now mobile-first. For PPCers, however, this means spending a large chunk of time reworking traditional text ads into a longer format whilst trying to keep any of the good copy in their current ads; depending on the size and number of accounts, this can be anything from hours to days.

At Gravytrain, we have found a way to lighten the load thanks to our catchily named Expanded Text Advert Generator.

Our exclusive Adwords script will instantly generate an Expanded Text Advert based on the original’s copy. This can either replace the original text ad or run alongside it, and it allows PPC managers to work more efficiently whilst retaining the original copy which made the ad successful in the first place.

If you would like to enquire about using this exclusive piece of Adtech, please get in touch with one of the team today.

Published on: 10:58AM on 24th August 2016