22nd September 2016

Organisations are becoming more aware of the inadequacies and deficiencies of their strategy and capabilities in omnichannel marketing as a result of increased efforts to integrate, according to new research published by Econsultancy and Adobe today.

The latest Digital Intelligence Briefing shows that while more companies are taking an integrated approach to their campaigns, only 12% can join offline and online data and just a quarter have a single customer view.

Based on a global survey of more than 2,000 marketing, digital and ecommerce professionals, the “Succeeding in the Omnichannel Age” report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Adobe, found that data issues are thwarting progress, with non-integrated technologies continuing to be a major impediment.

However, the desire to keep up with consumer expectations and deliver a consistent customer experience is a key driver for implementing an omnichannel marketing solution for 50% of those surveyed. The majority are planning on increasing their capabilities in customer journey analysis and in making data-driven marketing decisions in real time.

With mobile’s growth rate showing no sign of abating, the report also found that the opportunity this presents in driving in-store efficiency, engagement and sales is not being used to its full advantage. Around seven in ten respondents agree that they lack the systems (71%), mobile data (70%) and time/resource (66%) to effectively map the mobile customer journey.

Commenting on the findings of the “Succeeding in the Omnichannel Age” report, John Travis, VP, EMEA Marketing at Adobe, said “Though marketers understand that they have some way to go in fully integrating their marketing campaigns, progress is underway. This research is encouraging in showing that there is an appetite to drive change and make the customer a focal point. Across several key areas, the majority of those surveyed plan to pursue omnichannel capabilities or are working on them already.”

The research also found that:

• Companies in the consumer goods sector are most likely to adopt an integrated approach to all campaigns across all channels, while financial services and insurance (FSI) organisations lag behind.
• Only 5% of companies have a single platform that manages data across multiple channels. For those not using a single platform, separate technologies are the most significant barrier to integration, followed by disparate data sources.
• Almost a third of companies are using a cross-channel campaign management tool, with almost half (47%) evaluating solutions before implementing a tool.

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Published on: 3:26PM on 22nd September 2016