An affiliate marketing network has rolled out the second phase of a new platform that connects advertisers with affiliates for promotional purposes, debuting a first-of-its-kind system that will enable the advertisers to profile, segment and share appropriate content with the likes of bloggers, content websites and voucher or discount sites.

A marketing network that unites companies looking to advertise through third party sites with affiliates has launched the second phase of their existing platform, enabling the companies on their platform to automate their outreach to the affiliates as well as implementing intelligent profiling of the affiliates in order to make finding new and relevant partners much easier.

This pioneering second phase of the Connect content hub system has been launched by the UK arm of international affiliate marketing network,, and is the first of its kind to be seen in the affiliate industry. When working on affiliate marketing, advertisers have never before been able to find hundreds or even thousands of relevant partners according to specific key words, such as ‘wedding’, ‘fitness’ or ‘fashion’ for instance; and have never been able to automatically outreach their content at once to the resulting list of potential affiliates.

In addition to helping advertisers target their outreach to relevant affiliates according to the profiling functionality, it also enables them to more easily contact a wider range of potential partners at any one time from the network of over 300,000 affiliates; expanding the horizons beyond the existing range of established connections so that it’s easier for the advertisers to pro-actively build and engage with relevant new relationships and issue them with effective, targeted communications.

The affiliate industry has long been facing a growing problem of inactive affiliates, with the majority of these content-based, such as bloggers and review sites. These small operations often find it difficult to approach large retailers and the retailers, in turn, may find it hard to seek these sites out and reach out to them with content that is tailored to their interests; and these problems eventually lead to inactivity in the system. This is where the profiling and automation tools will make a real difference to the process, helping to build and maintain these relationships, and providing the affiliate marketing model with more content, more easily and accurately in a more targeted way, which will increase the level of engagement and interactions overall.

UK Managing Director at affilinet, Helen Southgate, said the following:

“affilinet Connect’s second phase will further enable advertisers on our platform to directly contact affiliates, reaching out with opportunities to a whole host of engaged and relevant affiliates to, in turn, broaden the reach of their strategy, strengthen relationships and boost the results. For a long time the entire affiliate industry has faced challenges when it comes to presenting possible partnership opportunities, spending a lot of time and resource on manual processes, and lengthy outreach programmes to circulate their content and get it in front of the right people. We are focused on introducing the right kind of automation to create a smoother, far more efficient process that delivers better results for our clients.”

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Published on: 9:58AM on 15th February 2017