One of the most popular features of Vertical Leap’s recently launched Search Analytics module is its ability to separate response from Pay-Per-Click and organic visits. The opportunities this information provides mean improved allocation of budget and potential savings, reports Gina Bray, Sales Manager at the firm.

Search Analytics reveal how traffic arrives at a client website from search engines, by tracking all keywords and phrases used in the initial query and by logging visitors from linked websites. Just as importantly the Analytics also show visitor behaviour on the website when they get there.

“Search Analytics allow our Campaign Delivery Managers to make informed recommendations to improve response from our clients’ websites because they are looking at data captured in real time. But separating results from paid for and organic click throughs has proved especially popular with clients,” Gina comments.
Separating response enables fundamental decisions to be made in allocating budget yet maintaining visibility and response in search engine results.

For example, assuming a series of keywords and phrases have regularly good positions in organic results, those keywords can be reigned back in paid for advertising resulting in potentially huge budget savings whilst still maintaining good visibility.

One of Vertical Leap’s clients specialising in overseas property has already reported savings of over 40% by utilising this planning method.

Alternatively of course, that clawed back budget can be re-allocated to bolster other comparatively weaker areas of visibility, thereby adding to the reach of the overall campaign and soliciting new click throughs and website visits

“Nobody is denying the importance of Pay-Per-Click advertising in an overall search engine marketing campaign,” comments Gina, “Vertical Leap’s Search Analytics means that smarter decisions in allocating spend can be made, and quickly to maximise effect in driving motivated visitors to our clients’ sites.”

In addition to monitoring these separated web visits, Search Analytics enable a client to see which keywords from either paid for or organic results trigger desired responses from a website, such as a sale, a download or a request for further information as Vertical Leap can set up ‘Action’ pages on their website to monitor specific activity.

Finally, the ability to view all search engine response in one PIN protected portal is also a boon for clients who do not have the time or the inclination to visit several different websites to view a range of results which are expressed in different ways and may be difficult to compare and contrast effectively.

Search Analytics are the latest addition to Apollo, Vertical Leap’s proprietary Campaign Management System, a state of the art portal that shows campaign progression via a series of user-friendly screens. Search Analytics work seamlessly with the rest of Apollo to provide an overall strength of a campaign now, its history and crucially, where it should be going. Search Analytics take the guesswork out of search engine marketing.


Notes: Vertical Leap is a leading outsourced search engine marketing company, providing its clients with a fully managed and comprehensive ‘campaign’ to improve ranking results and website performance by actively promoting visits from motivated people at an all-inclusive fixed cost. Vertical Leap is committed to providing unrivalled search intelligence to enhance that service with is own proprietary technology, Apollo, the ultimate campaign management system delivering informed data in real time to maximise Return on Investment.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd August 2005