Singapore, 15 March 2017

According to recent research findings, client-side respondents say that cross-channel marketing activities have a major impact on increasing conversions (77%), enhancing advocacy (57%) and improving retention (54%).

This is a key finding from the Cross-Channel Marketing in Australia and New Zealand report, which found that most marketers in the region rate the cross-channel experience they provide for customers as ‘fair’.

According to the survey findings, over four-fifths (83%) of client-side respondents agree that their ‘messaging, execution and delivery strategies are still fragmented’, highlighting a greater need for more seamless integration of channels.

The report explains that organisations need to address their shortcomings in terms of cross-channel capabilities in order to improve the customer experience.

The report, published by Econsultancy in partnership with IBM Marketing Cloud, is based on a survey of almost 300 digital marketers and ecommerce professionals based in Australia and New Zealand, and working across a range of business sectors, including marketing agencies, carried out by Econsultancy during September and October 2016.

Jefrey Gomez, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Econsultancy, commented: “While it’s encouraging to see that the strategic case for cross-channel marketing is recognised by marketers in Australia and New Zealand, silo-based behaviours, processes and organisational structures still exist within organisations, preventing cross-channel marketing from becoming a reality.”

Other findings from the report include:

-) Social is considered the biggest priority, the greatest opportunity and will receive the greatest investment from marketers over the next year yet greater efforts need to be made to integrate social channels in the overall cross-channel marketing mix.
-) When asked to rank the top five areas of a marketing campaign in terms of time spent, 43% of client-side respondents chose strategy and planning as their first choice while 32% chose design and content as their first choice. This focus comes at the expense of testing (1%), optimisation (1%) and evaluation/learning (3%).
-) Mobile channels rank at the bottom of the list in terms of channel usage and the extent to which they are integrated with marketing activities.
-) Only 14% of client-side respondents and 19% of agency respondents say that they, or their clients, are using cross-channel campaign management technology.
-) In terms of understanding customer interactions across channels, 51% of client-side respondents indicate that they do not have a measurement system in place between differing online channels while 80% of these respondents say that they do not have a measurement system between online and offline channels. Furthermore, 75% of client-side respondents and 84% of agency respondents say that they, or their clients, rely on sales/revenue as an indicator for cross-channel marketing effectiveness.
-) Only 22% of client-side respondents and 27% of agency respondents define cross-channel marketing as ‘using real-time response data to drive marketing campaigns across multiple channels’.

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Published on: 1:00AM on 15th March 2017