A new start-up called Artifam is addressing the needs of eCommerce operations looking to facilitate buyers with faster and more accurate product data and improved search functionality. To achieve this, the Amsterdam-based company has launched a platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) that is able to categorise, cleanse and enrich product information speeding up the time to market and increasing conversion rates.

The company has been formed by experts in AI and eCommerce. Co-founder Henk-Jan van der Weide brings experience from hybris, as do fellow team members, Simone Ruegner and Emile Bloemen, who was formerly Chief Revenue Officer at Volo. Co-founder Jasper Wognum adds further expertise, having started software and AI company, BrainCreators.

The new AI software platform, Arti, has been developed by the Artifam team to address the growing need in the eCommerce market for solutions that can manage the vast amounts of product data on websites.

“The only way to ensure long-term eCommerce success is by fully leveraging product data,” said Henk-Jan van der Weide. “Customers rely on being able to find what they are looking for easily and quickly, and will move on to a competitor’s site if their demands are not met. But collating and categorising such a large amount of data is time consuming and heavy on human resources, which is why Arti automates the process. This means that retailers can reduce their costs, increase conversion rates, improve time to market and boost profitability.”

In addition to pure play and retail commerce operations, Artifam is also targeting marketplaces, where sales are dependent on product details being mapped to the correct classifications, categories, attributes and labels utilised by each of those marketplaces. Users will benefit from Arti’s intuitive deep learning algorithms that can recommend the right categories to target, and monitor their efficacy to ensure products are given maximum exposure to customers on an ongoing basis.

The Arti platform is designed to be complementary to other popular eCommerce solutions and can be easily integrated via a simple down and upload CSV or API to a product database.

“For many eCommerce organisations, the considerable costs of running impactful, responsive and efficient websites eat into their margins, so they are always looking for ways to become leaner without compromising on quality,” commented van der Weide. “Platforms like Arti, that are based on artificial intelligence, can do the heavy lifting and add unbeatable value across so many elements of the eCommerce journey.”


Published on: 1:27PM on 19th April 2017