As part of a campaign to show that Londoners will not be divided by acts of terrorism (‘7 million Londoners, 1 London’) the Mayor of London has widened the choice of media used to include mobile phone wallpapers, the technology being supplied by Incentivated.

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone today said that he wants Londoners to “show your support and help promote the message by joining our 'One London' campaign today. If you are a Londoner you can download the graphic on your mobile phone”. In addition, Londoners are invited to wear a pin, display a sticker or add the logo to their website.

To receive a wallpaper image of the ‘One London’, text LONDON to 62967 (spells MAYOR on the phone keypad). This service costs 10p plus your standard network SMS tariff.

Like the poster companies who have come together to provide advertising space for free, Incentivated provided its proprietary ‘CMSi’ software (a mobile phone content delivery platform) for free and also worked into the night on Monday in order to recreate the logo for different mobile phone handset types.

Ken Livingstone thanked all those involved in the campaign: 'Londoners have shown that they will not be divided by the acts of terrorists. Contributions like this demonstrate what Londoners can do when we all work together for a united stronger London.'

Jonathan Bass of Incentivated commented, “This is another example of how, if you want to spread the message far and wide, the Mobile Channel can deliver now that it has come of age. No other medium has the potential to reach so many people, so quickly.“

Notes to Editors

Incentivated Limited is a leading Mobile Marketing Agency, providing software solutions and campaign management expertise to companies wishing to adopt the Mobile Medium as part of their marketing, customer service and mobile-commerce strategies. Established in 2001, Incentivated has helped brands use the mobile phone to deepen their relationship with consumers, from the submission of utility meter readings by SMS to building Mobile Internet sites for advertising or operational purposes.

GLA Marketing is the department responsible for the marketing activity of the Greater London Authority. The GLA is a unique form of strategic citywide government for London. It is made up of a directly elected Mayor - the Mayor of London - and a separately elected Assembly - the London Assembly. More information can be found at

London advertising and media owners have come together to provide a £1million '7 million Londoners, One London' campaign for free. Clear Channel, Adshel, Maiden, Viacom, Bay Media, Primesight, Pawson Media, Odessa and Van Wagner have all contributed to the Mayor's campaign, which underlines the way that Londoners have united since the terrorist bomb attacks on the capital.

London local papers are also joining in to promote the campaign, which begins on Monday 1 August. And EDF Energy, London’s energy provider and first Premier Partner of the London 2012 bid, will promote the campaign using lamppost banners across Central London.

The advertising agency Nitro originated the 'One London' poster. Bruce Crouch, Creative Director at Nitro, said: 'We just wanted to do something positive in the wake of bombings. We hope the campaign makes a contribution to helping encourage Londoners' unity & resolve.'

Oliver Larholt of Bay Media, the company responsible for decorating many of the streets of London for the Olympic Bid, said: 'Everywhere they look the message is clear, we’re shouting it from the lampposts, we’re lining our streets with the same united message; whether we’re celebrating the Olympics or warning off our enemy – we're 1 London.'


Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd August 2005