LONDON, UK, 15 June 2005: Compa (, the UK online group dating service, has agreed an exclusive sponsorship with a newly-launched commercial weblog - ( - to drive traffic and help generate new accounts. is a London-based entertainment website that attracted more than 180,000 users in May, its first post-beta month. Compa has agreed a fixed fee to take a tenancy slot on hecklerspray’s homepage for the rest of 2005, to drive its users towards a range of group dating opportunities around the UK.

“We talked about a CPM deal but felt that a fixed tenancy would allow us to benefit from hecklerspray’s rapid growth, while providing some upfront cash for what is a new start-up,” said Compa CEO Ed Fitzhugh. “It is an arrangement that works for both of us.”

Hecklerspray editor Stuart Heritage commented: “It made a lot of sense do agree a tenancy deal with Compa. We’ve got a few partnerships in place already and more in the pipeline, both for hecklerspray and other commercial blogs we’re working on.”

Have you added your group to Compa yet? New Compa users can open up accounts free of charge, though it will introduce subscription access once critical mass has been achieved.

Since starting up in November 2004, when Compa became the first company to introduce the group dating concept to the UK, there has been significant buzz about this new form of dating, with coverage in tabloid and national newspapers, as well as TV and radio.

Why so much fuss? Well, Compa’s users love searching for like-minded groups to arrange a night out in order to meet new friends, with no pressure or strings attached. Groups can be colleagues, flatmates, friends, family, and/or third party medical personnel.

With Compa, online dating becomes fun again, since people behave differently in groups, as any sociologist will tell you. The chances of finding love (or a new boyfriend / girlfriend) are much higher with Compa, since users meet 2-6 people on each date (you choose).


Press enquiries:

To talk to Compa please contact Ed Fitzhugh on 07793 721444 or email

To talk to hecklerspray contact

Notes for editors

What is and how does it work? is a relaxed, fun and different way to meet new people, have fun and maybe find love along the way! Popular in Japan, a Compa is like a group blind date - you and a few of your mates go out with another group of the same size.

It's comfortable, fun, unstressful and you are making new friends while sizing up the other group for relationship potential!

Unlike speed dating or online dating, it is very relaxed, there is no danger of spending a whole uncomfortable evening with a person you have nothing in common with, and you have more than three short speed-dating minutes to make a judgement about the people you meet.

The Compa website works a lot like normal online dating sites. The big difference is that rather than being one on one, you register on the site and then go out in groups of between 2 and 6.

You can search the site's database for groups in your area. Search by location, number of group members, sexuality of group etc

How do I join

Joining is easy and basic membership is free! No need to waste hours filling in pointless information like how many children you want to have and who your ideal dinner party guests would be (yawn).

Each group need to nominate a captain who organises the group. The captain signs up the group, enters the email addresses other members of the group, who will subsequently receive an email with their unique account ID and password info. Once the profiles have been filled in, and have been approved by a moderator, the profile goes live and other groups can see the profile and contact you.

When you have found another group you like the look of and want to contact them, you will need to upgrade to full membership.

Sign up today!

Does online dating really work?

Of course! Nowadays it is harder to meet people and we all want the same things - to go out, have fun, meet people and also hopefully find love along the way. Compa offers a new twist on the online dating formula - you meet other groups of people rather than just individuals. You might find your dream partner, even if you don't you have extended your social circle, met some new people and had a good time!

Is it safe?

Meeting people at Compa is about as safe as social arrangements can be. You are not alone with a single person, you are always among friends, so no concern about going out with an axe murderer or worrying about your drink being spiked while you are in the loo! However, normal safety concerns still apply and there are a few rules you should follow.

For added safety follow these simple rules:

- Don't give your home address or telephone number to strangers.

- When communicating between captains, each captain will see the real email address of the other, so it might be a good idea to use a free generic email account like gmail, yahoo etc

Published on: 12:00AM on 15th June 2005