Vertical Leap, number one in managed search engine marketing, today announced the launch of 'Position Alerts', the latest addition to its Apollo Campaign Management System.

'Position Alerts' are triggers that automatically send an email alert when pre-set search engine ranking position thresholds are met. They can be set for one particular search engine tracking one particular keyword, through to all search engines monitoring all keywords.

'Position Alerts' might include:
• Tell me when a specific keyword or phrase reaches position 8 in Google only.
• Tell me if any keyword in any search engine drops below position 15.

'Position Alerts' allow Vertical Leap to easily set benchmark performance standards in search engine ranking results for their clients, who in turn will see the value and progression of their campaign in context against their competitors.

The new tool demonstrates the advantage of Vertical Leap's fully managed service. Clients are able to outsource responsibility for their search engine rankings, thus saving hours of management time, and yet can see the results of the campaign instantly and with minimum fuss.

Gina Bray, Vertical Leap's Sales Manager, sees Position Alerts as a further endorsement of the Apollo Campaign Management System:

"Effective search engine marketing is a long-term proposition. We aim to forge strong business relationships with our clients based on results achieved with the right balance of the human touch backed up with state of the art IT solutions," she commented, "Position Alerts allow our technicians to spend more time optimising clients' websites and yet keep the reporting procedure totally up to date.”

'Position Alerts' are invaluable in their own right, but when combined with the soon to be launched Analytics Module, Vertical Leap's clients will be uniquely placed to see their campaigns in context and delivering results where it counts - to the bottom line.

Notes: Vertical Leap is an outsourced search engine marketing company that offers its clients a rounded ‘campaign’ to improve ranking results by actively promoting visits from the right, motivated people at a fixed cost. Vertical Leap is committed to providing search intelligence to enhance that service and deliver informed results to maximise Return on Investment.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 4th July 2005