Chrysalis Group Plc today announced that it has licensed the Enpocket Marketing Engine after a competitive review. Chrysalis will use the Engine to manage CRM activities around a range of mobile music initiatives. Radio station brands including Heart and Galaxy will also use Enpocket's solutions to drive interaction with listeners and build text clubs.

Chrysalis has pioneered the use of mobile as an integral part of programming schedules for its 10 radio stations, using advertiser-sponsored campaigns and mobile competitions to generate new revenues. Now DJs, producers and marketers will use the Engine to manage live listener-to-brand interaction and to deliver personalised mobile marketing.

The Enpocket Marketing Engine, the world's most widely used mobile campaign management software, has been licensed by Chrysalis for:
- Rapid new campaign creation in hours instead of weeks
- Robust inbound / outbound SMS and MMS handling
- Simply integrating feeds from mobile content, IVR, web, billing
and CRM systems with minimal development
- Monitoring and managing central user profiles for improved CRM

"There's no longer a linear route to consumers; we're getting closer to our audiences using a mix of channels to leverage our radio, music publishing and record label assets. Mobile has become a key medium for marketing and product delivery, so we have chosen the Enpocket Marketing Engine for its proven reliability, CRM capabilities and ability to integrate with our other routes to market," said Ian James, Managing Director, Chrysalis Mobile.

The Engine's data management capabilities enable Chrysalis to build a detailed view of customers, recording every SMS / MMS interaction, registering mobile content downloads and receiving customer information from other systems in real-time. Chrysalis and its partners then accurately market to opted-in users based on preferences and using trigger-based rules.

"With over 200,000 registered mobile users and an expanding radio network, Chrysalis is experiencing high volumes of traffic day and night. The Engine has proved its true carrier-grade capabilities as the mobile marketing platform of choice to the world's largest mobile operators. We are now seeing greater demand from radio stations, media companies and brands for a range of more flexible solutions that are in tune with the evolving mobile media landscape," said Peter Larsen, CEO, Enpocket.

The Enpocket Marketing Engine is used by customers including Vodafone, Sprint, Singtel, TNT, ESPN, The History Channel, MasterCard and Nike to sell more mobile content, engage audiences and generate new revenues.
It is also used to serve personalised information and banner advertising to WAP sites, Java and Brew applications.

Enpocket also provides clients with community services, such as mobile dating, chat and mblogging applications that build even greater consumer affinity, as well as creative, consultancy, research and campaign management services for one-stop shop mobile marketing.

About Enpocket

Enpocket is a global mobile media company that provides community and marketing services to build and retain mobile audiences. Enpocket's mobile community applications empower leading operators, brands and media companies to generate new revenues through applications that drive repeat visits. Enpocket's mobile marketing solutions improve the effectiveness of marketing spend and drive mobile content downloads.

Enpocket prides itself on optimizing consumer experience via an unparalleled understanding of mobile owners' behavior. Enpocket provides compelling consumer and marketing services to more than 50 operators and 400 brands across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Enpocket clients include Vodafone, Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, Orange, Telefonica, Singtel, Nokia, Sony, BBC, Fox, Time Warner, Universal Pictures, Time Out,, Snapple, Levi's, Hallmark, and Nike.
Enpocket has offices in Boston, London, Helsinki, Reykjavik and Singapore. To learn more see

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th July 2005