Healthcare Locums Ltd. announced today the successful rollout of the new VIPpoints™ loyalty programme to over 2,300 of its temporary medical staff (or “locums”). All locums working for subsidiary companies Thames Medics, Eurosite Medical, Medical Technical and RS Locums are now registered with the programme which offers high value rewards in return for their work with each agency.

Delivered and managed by ipoints, the online motivation and loyalty specialist and provider of the successful consumer-based programme,, - Healthcare Locums’ white-labelled VIPpoints™ scheme credits staff with VIPpoints™ for a broad range of activities. The locum can access his or her VIPpoints™ through the agency’s website and spend VIPpoints™ on luxury leisure packages, professional training (or “Continuing Professional Development”) and even items of medical equipment.

Adrian Kingwell, General Manager of Marketing for Healthcare Locums group of companies, said today, "Temporary staff have traditionally been happy to move from one agency to the next in search of higher rates and better choice of work. As a result, agencies bear a high cost to acquire, lose and win back large numbers of their workforce. By rewarding those locums who are more loyal, we aim to reduce our cost of acquiring new locums and reduce the cost to hospitals caused by locums who leave. We will pass back the savings in terms of better rewards to our staff and better service to our clients. Now that we have RS Locums on board, we believe we have the largest and most rewarding locum loyalty scheme in the UK.”

Geraldine Tosh, Managing Director of ipoints, commented, “At ipoints we run a number of very successful motivation schemes for companies wanting incremental value from customers, staff, resellers or channel partners.

We’ve been able to deliver a tailored and flexible programme for Healthcare Locums. Whilst members receive a membership pack and card; we are seeing increasing use and response to digital media by locums; the benefits being obvious. Participants can access the scheme 24/7 and reap their rewards in realtime. We also provide greater awareness of the scheme through using email communication as a tool to inform, promote and sustain momentum & motivation.”

“With ipoints help, we have been able to put a very attractive and motivational programme in place,” added Kingwell of Healthcare Locums. “We are ecstatic that over 2,300 working locums are now live on the VIPpoints™system, and initial feedback has been very positive. One doctor even commented that he would find his next job through us because he wanted to win his wife the spa trip!”



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About Healthcare Locums Ltd

Covering a broad range of medical specialties and with significant investment in staff and technology, Healthcare Locums Ltd. is currently one of the UK’s fastest growing medical staffing agencies. Since it was founded in 2003, it has acquired Thames Medics, Eurosite Medical, and now Medical Technical. Healthcare Locums offers a wide variety of medical staff to hospitals on both a locum (temporary) and permanent basis.

Published on: 12:00AM on 14th September 2005