Ektron Unveils ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Support at Microsoft PDC, with Ektron CMS400.NET Now Delivering Complete Staging-to-Production Server Push and On-the-Fly Updating Capabilities

Amherst, NH, September 21, 2005 . . . Ektron, Inc., a Web content management software innovator, today unveiled a new integrated Site Replication tool that expands options for publishing changes on dynamic Web sites managed by Ektron CMS400.NET. Ektron will showcase this new feature at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (Booth #812), September 13–16, Los Angeles Convention Center (http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/pdc/ )

Ektron CMS400.NET’s Site Replication feature allows organizations to automate the movement of site changes from a staging to a production (or live) server. Staged changes can be automatically synchronized with the live site – ensuring failsafe security and quality assurance.

While the concept of moving an entire Web site from a staging server to a production server is not new, Ektron’s approach to this highly requested functionality is new. The whole process of mirroring, or synchronizing, a Web site is done through the Ektron CMS400.NET user interface and requires virtually no complex configuring of hard-to-use and expensive third-party applications. An Ektron CMS400.NET Web site can be replicated rapidly on an additional server, anytime and from anywhere.

Organizations can leverage this new feature as part of Ektron’s Web content management infrastructure and also for the integrated document management functionality recently added to Ektron CMS400.NET.

Ektron’s Site Replication tool complements the widely used virtual staging environment available in Ektron content management solutions, now used by thousands of sites worldwide. Authenticated users can access, edit, create and stage Web content including text, images, links, forms, templates, navigation elements and other assets. Ektron supports check-in/check-out, customizable workflows, and permissions to ensure content accuracy and site integrity. Authorized publishers can approve changes to go live after proper reviews.

Ektron is unique in its approach to offer both site replication and virtual staging in a single CMS. With this approach, organizations can run a separate staging and a production environment for site changes, run a completely “virtual staging” environment, or use a combination of both.

Ektron’s Site Replication feature also supports load-balancing for dynamic, high-traffic Web sites that require multiple servers to handle high-volume traffic. A Web site can be mirrored automatically over several Web servers.

“Ektron delivers the best of both worlds for failsafe security, site integrity and strong QA processes. We’re pleased to pioneer a new approach to staging, production and real-time updating,” says Bill Rogers, Ektron CEO. “With our proven virtual staging, we enable on-the-fly updates with appropriate checks and balances. Now, our new approach to site replication automates what has been a complex task for individuals responsible for Web sites.”

Benefits of Ektron’s Site Replication feature include:

- Make changes to templates, forms, images, words, links navigation, and more, review and test for quality assurance and site integrity, and push multiple changes to the Web site automatically
- Enable site managers to preview all pending changes in the context of the entire site, to ensure accuracy
- Failsafe site back-up and restore by maintaining a history of recent published versions of a complete site

Editor’s Note:
Ektron will demonstrate its new Site Replication feature in a free Webcast, titled, “Best of Both Worlds: Content Deployment Options with Ektron CMS400.NET,” on Tuesday, September 20 at 1 p.m. ET. To register, visit: http://www.ektron.com/webcasts.aspx.

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Ektron is today’s most dominant player in making content management software more realistic, meaningful and affordable for the masses. Ektron CMS400.NET squarely addresses a mid-market gap -- delivering low-cost, feature-rich, out-of-the-box content and document management functionality, along with a powerful, customizable platform for Microsoft .NET development. Additionally, Ektron offers the market-leading eWebEditPro WYSIWYG editors. Founded in 1998, Ektron partners with leading Web firms, interactive agencies, and system integrators, and also sells directly to end customers. Ektron has nearly 15,000 customer integrations worldwide, including Unilever, Intel and Pfizer. http://www.ektron.com

Beth Strohbusch
Ektron PR Director

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Published on: 12:00AM on 21st September 2005