Sept 2005, TK Maxx has re-launched its main web site at

The site has been redesigned at a time of continued expansion for the labels for less retailer, which currently has 185 stores with expectations to grow to 300.

Developed in partnership with digital consultancy Design UK the redesign reflects TK Maxx’s commitment to online as a core element in its marketing strategy. Digital is one of the few mediums that can respond and react to the dynamic TK Maxx business, which delivers new merchandise news on a daily basis.

The site has a striking new look and will metamorphose on a regular basis – again reflecting the ever-changing offer at TK Maxx.

According to manager of marketing, Jenny Spiers: “The strong creative will hook new customers into finding out more about our proposition. And from here we’ll be giving them great reasons to visit our stores.”

TK Maxx Creative Director, Murray Blacket: "We want to the consumer experience with TK Maxx to be as rich as possible. This new site is an important media opportunity; a great chance for people to tap into the TK Maxx personality and offer. It is fashionable, fresh, funky and flexible - everything you'd expect from TK Maxx."

In addition to awareness and acquisition, higher page views per session is a key driver on the re-launch, to promote both the brand and product propositions. TK Maxx is also aiming to improve rates of email registration to “Hot @rrivals”; the subscription service that enables shoppers to be the first to know about special merchandise deliveries; access exciting competition offers and tap into exclusive content e.g. fashion styling tips from ELLE magazine.

While consumers new to the TK Maxx concept will find all their questions answered on the new site, the Hot @rrivals service will be given increased prominence to meet the needs of existing shoppers. It was Design UK’s presentation of this segmented customer approach which cemented the agency’s selection.

“Design UK’s user-centred philosophy and track record in delivering results for retail clients impressed us” said Spiers. “They understand the needs of our customer segments and translated that into a persuasive online package”.

Scott Wilkinson Client Services Director at Design UK says, “We are delighted to be working with TK Maxx. It’s confident brand message and successful in-store formula is perfect for effective online promotion. There is huge potential to build a large, loyal online community of TK Maxx customers”.

Published on: 12:00AM on 22nd September 2005