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speed-trap Limited, the e-business intelligence company, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Anite Travel Systems, a leading supplier of reservation systems and e-commerce applications for the travel industry, .

The rapid and ever-growing importance of e-business to organisations’ ongoing commercial success, especially those in market sectors such as travel where customers have readily embraced online interaction and financial transactions, has highlighted the need for powerful web intelligence tools in order to capture and analyse key in-depth information, such as the real-time behaviour of website visitors. With this new partnership, Anite will now be able to integrate ‘Prophet’, speed-trap’s e-business intelligence product suite, within the solutions it provides to its customers, thus ensuring they have accurate, real-time management information enabling them to make informed decisions as to how best to improve website interaction, performance, effectiveness and profitability.

Unlike other analytics tools, such as those based on web server logs or other traditional tagging methods, Prophet works by observing events in real-time within the user’s browser rather than on the server. It also provides dashboards with full campaign behavioural, performance, search and form-filling analysis. This enables the targeting of what really matters – monitoring the visitors and customers, not just the technology, to provide powerful, accurate and instant management information.

Commenting upon the agreement, Anite Travel Systems Director Edward Spiers said: “e-business is fundamental to our current and future success and to that of our 200 customers. With the Internet becoming the preferred method of choice for travel sector end users for both research and purchasing, it’s imperative that we are able to provide our customers with the empowering technology required to obtain and analyse meaningful and accurate data regarding web visitors, so that they can increasingly convert ‘lookers to bookers’. Now, thanks to incorporating speed-trap’s ‘Prophet’ into our solutions, this can be achieved”.

Spiers further announced; “We shall also be providing a managed service for clients whose business model does not include the appropriate IT infrastructure. Spiers elaborated; “all our customers, whatever their size or market segment, will then be able to see and interpret online customer behaviour, all in real-time if required, and that information will guide them as to what changes and improvements they need to make to their websites to improve their visitors web experience and thus in turn enhance e-business revenues”.

Bill Brindle chairman and CEO at speed-trap added: “This market sector is one in which Prophet, speed-trap’s Dynamic Collection technology excels, having been used very effectively by organisations including Tourism Ireland, KLM, Travel America, Luxury Explorer, Topic Travel and Hoseasons. Incorporating Prophet into their systems and solutions, Anite Travel Systems will be able to provide its customers with the most sophisticated and powerful analytical website tools available in the world today.” In conclusion Brindle said: “Prophet’s patented abilities to observe, analyse and replay the user journey through a web site allows site owners to really understand what their visitors’ experience. The clarity of insight that Prophet provides, can be then used to drive the development and management of effective and profitable web-based applications”.

About speed-trap
speed-trap is the e-business intelligence company. The company provides technology and solutions that provide accurate, real-time and complete data on the interactions between customers and web sites. Moving beyond traditional Web Analytics speed-trap not only provides statistical and business information on activity in the site, but uses the in-depth data provided by its Dynamic Collection™ Technology to give a unique view of visitor experience and customer journeys providing valuable insights into how well on-line assets are meeting objectives.
speed-trap’s solutions are being used by businesses to drive and monitor their on-line marketing activity including the monitoring, measurement and management of their on-line business. This includes applications such as campaign management, customer segmentation, customer experience monitoring and performance measurement. Other customers are using the technology to monitor key business metrics and drive real-time content management systems.
speed-trap was founded in January 2000 and is based in the UK with headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire. See for further information.

About Anite Travel Systems
Anite Travel Systems has been supplying reservation systems and e-commerce applications for tour operators, airline consolidators, cruise, ferry and rail companies for more than 20 years. Specialising in the development of reservation systems, Anite also offers a range of travel technology solutions including: online booking systems, content management, freight systems and brochure pricing solutions. Anite's solutions are available on a full or partial managed services basis, hosted or remotely managed.
Anite Travel Systems has the technical resource and knowledge, combined with extensive industry experience to help travel organisations meet new challenges in the market place. Anite’s market expertise has been gained from close working relationships with over 200 customers and has offices in the UK, Finland, Germany, Italy, Australia and the USA.
Anite's travel and transportation solutions have proven functionality, flexibility and scalability. These systems support mission-critical operations from the smallest specialist holiday company through to large, vertically integrated package holiday operators. See for more information.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th September 2005