Excellent search and navigation, simple implementation, and increased sales are key factors in selecting Qwiser(tm) Salesperson

London - 27 Sept. - Celebros Ltd., a leading provider of search and navigation solutions for E-commerce sites, announced the implementation Qwiser(tm) Salesperson at five well-known French mail order cataloguers selling apparel.

Verbaudet, Celaia, Cyrillus, Edmie and Trouvailles, among the most recognized names in e-commerce in France, selected Qwiser Salesperson owing to the excellent results Qwiser returns and its quick implementation - in these cases, integration was carried out remotely, with no disruption to the regular business of the online shop.

Prior to Qwiser integration, some of these new customers did not offer search on their sites at all and others did not prominently display the search box. The implementation of top-notch search and navigation reflects their awareness that many shoppers prefer to quickly retrieve what they want via a query in the search box.

Together with Publicis Technology, its technology partner in France, Celebros integrated Qwiser end-to-end search and navigation, which includes a merchandising component, making it easy for online shops to initiate and manage special campaigns, upsell, and cross-sell efforts, and more.

Qwiser's solution, supported by Publicis Technology, was especially attractive to these new customers. It enabled them to extend the ease of shopping via mail order to the web. The Qwiser solution responds accurately to any type of query regardless of how it is phrased or spelled. Queries for products the shop does not carry lead to a set of relevant alternate items of interest to the shopper. These features stimulate strong sales.

Equally important to Cyrillus was Qwiser's ability to handle catalogues in both French and German.

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Celebros Ltd. (www.celebros.com), founded in 2000, is a leading provider of advanced search and retrieval solutions for e-commerce sites. Celebros has offices in the UK, France, Germany, US, and Israel.

Simon Peirson
UK Sales Manager
Tel: 0870 366 5247
E-mail: speirson@celebros.com

Published on: 12:00AM on 27th September 2005