Formation of new company accompanied by introduction of pioneering Experience Management Service

29 September 2005

Recently merged WebAbacus and The Usability Company today launch Foviance, a company that offers businesses a brand new way of maximising the effectiveness of their digital channels and marketing campaigns.

With digital operations sitting firmly in marketing rather than IT budgets, experience management is now a crucial consideration for marketers. Foviance's new Experience Management Service is helping to set a benchmark for the industry, by uniquely blending web analytics with usability consultancy to deliver regular, actionable insights into the effectiveness of digital interfaces.

The service is a European first. It combines WebAbacus's web analytics software with the qualified usability consultancy of The Usability Company, providing organisations with a detailed picture of what happens when customers use their digital services, and advice on how to improve this experience.

The Experience Management Service accurately measures how digital channels are delivering against key business and marketing objectives to help Foviance's customers sustain competitive advantage and increase profitability. The service will be available across all digital channels including the Internet, interactive TV and mobile.

The name Foviance derives from the word "Fovea", which is the part of the eye responsible for the sharpest vision. It reflects the clarity that Foviance brings to its customers' understanding of the performance of their digital interfaces, as well as the company's focus on innovation in this area.

Paul Blunden, CEO of Foviance (and formerly of The Usability Company), said: "By bringing the expertise of The Usability Company and WebAbacus together under one roof, Foviance is truly breaking new ground and creating a new kind of company. The combined expertise offered by Foviance enables it to measure, analyse and enhance the user experience across all digital interfaces. It is comprehensive experience management, which nobody has been able to offer to date."

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Published on: 12:00AM on 29th September 2005