UK Satellite Communications Company Tariam has announced today that it’s launching its managed VSAT solutions into Europe with immediate effect.

Tariam has provided bespoke VSAT services in other countries for some time now, but the launch of satellite broadband managed services means that cheaper ‘rate card’ pricing and rapid deployment times are now available in France, Portugal, Italy, and Spain as well as associated islands. Services are also available in the Republic of Ireland.

Tariam made its name providing business grade satellite broadband services for companies, and was the first satellite ISP to offer an unlimited data model on all its European services. Its customer base includes some of the best known construction and exploration companies in the world.

Communications Director Ben Cannon said

“The launch of our off-the-shelf solutions abroad means that for the first time European companies and SOHO users will be able to quickly and cheaply take advantage of Tariam’s unique data, voice and fax services over satellite, as well as our advanced satellite VPN solutions.

"We’ve experienced a considerable increase in enquiries from UK companies with remote offices and sites abroad and also individuals who want to be able to work and access corporate resources from 2nd homes overseas, and so today we are launching the services they need”.

Although there are other UK companies offering satellite broadband services in Europe most of them have no staff on the ground in country. Most European Satellite ISP's also limit users to 1 or 2 GB a month of broadband traffic, which isn’t suitable for business users.

Ben went on to say

“We’ve established Forward Engineering Bases in the North and South of France, and in Spain, where we have our own Engineers and carry stock to enable fast deployment and the sort of support services business users’ demand.

“Our site in Spain is also used as a stepping stone for our customers based in North Africa. Having people on the ground in Europe means that we can also offer our hire, disaster recovery and event services in Europe as well.

“Billing is all in local currencies so customers aren’t faced with exchange rate uncertainties”.

For more information contact

+44 (0)870 380 7010

Published on: 12:00AM on 19th August 2005