Clear Channel Television Interactive Division Licenses AdManager and XML Integration Module

LONDON, UK and RALEIGH, NC – August 22, 2005 – Accipiter Solutions, Inc., an online advertising technology innovator since 1996, is pleased to announce they have signed the Television Interactive division of global media and entertainment giant Clear Channel Communications (NYSE:CCU) to an AdManager Licensed contract.

“Clear Channel Television Interactive (CCTVI) required an in-house solution we could host ourselves that performed well in a Microsoft environment,” said Jason Gould, regional vice president and general manager, CCTVI. “While other competitive solutions only supported limited operating environments, AdManager proved to be a scalable solution with a flexible architecture designed to meet all of our business needs.”

Another major factor in CCTVI’s decision to move to AdManager was the availability of the Accipiter XMLServer Integration Module. An increasing number of new customers are signing on with Accipiter based on the ease and cost-effectiveness of ad server migration using the XMLServer Module. Initially, CCTVI used the XMLServer platform to migrate approximately 1000 campaigns from the division’s previous ad management system to AdManager, negating the need for manual reformatting or multiple data entry.

“We were very pleased at how easy it was to migrate to AdManager,” commented Gould. “To manually transition all of our campaigns to the new system would have been a tedious and time-consuming task. Using Accipiter’s XMLServer Module, it took us less than one week to successfully migrate our campaigns, saving us time, operational costs, and reducing the potential for human error.”

CCTVI also plans to use XMLServer to build direct transactional relationships with its advertisers. Using a direct-buy e-commerce application, advertisers could create their own campaign reservations in the CCTVI system by logging in and placing their order using a credit card transaction. Once the order has been processed and the creative reviewed and approved, the reservation would be complete. Gould adds, “XMLServer Module is going to help CCTVI meet our goal of creating automated systems so we can serve the marketplace as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

AdManager’s extensive targeting capabilities were also a factor in CCTVI’s move to Accipiter. The company is currently using AdManager to target ads based on niche market content. With over half a million pages of content, the CCTVI network has an extensive network including healthcare, home, legal, and automotive topics, among many others. While the corporate entity defines the initial tagging structure, stations within the network control ad delivery at the local market level. “This solution has provided us with a new way to sell ads,” said Gould. “By allowing our TV station networks to traffic their own ads, we have seen direct operational cost savings.”

“Accipiter is thrilled to be working with Clear Channel Television,” said Brian Handly, Accipiter CEO. “This is a key competitive win for us. Our support team is committed to helping Clear Channel improve their campaign turnaround with the use of the XMLServer Module as well as implementing more complex ad campaigns and formats in the near future.”

Web publishers, media networks, and e-commerce sites can get up and running quickly using AdManager, eliminating the need for onsite ad management hardware, administrative software, and databases, freeing capital and resources for other uses. AdManager is available on Windows NT and Solaris operating systems. Both AdManager Licensed and Hosted solutions support a variety of database platforms such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase. For more product information, please visit

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Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd August 2005